Boost Your Boxing Stamina: 5 Tips to Last Longer in Training Sessions From an Olympic Medalist Boxer

You might be training very hard, you might be very fit, but every time you’re hitting the bag or in the mitts and spawning, you’re getting gassed out. Well, on this video, I’m gonna give you five tips that’s gonna help you last longer during your sessions. So you get the most out of each session. I see it often. You might be in great shape, you’re getting fit, you’re getting stronger. The enduring your session, you’re like this. Why is this so bloody hard? This video is gonna really help you. Now the end of the video, I’m gonna give you a demo of me doing these tips. So you’re not just hear me see it, you actually seeing me do it as well. And if you’re new at this channel, my name is Tony Jeffreys. I’m an Olympic medalist boxer, won 7 national titles, a European gold medal. And on this YouTube channel, I give you everything boxing, how to punch harder, how to punch faster. So if you want to get better at boxing, make sure you subscribe for more great videos like this. Let’s get in written tip No. 5.

Now see if you can see what I’m doing wrong here. Oh man. Oh, man. Well, if you’re doing this, no matter how fit you are, you’re going to get tired pretty fast. Every single punch, you see me phone here, is hard. You need to piss yourself. You wouldn’t see a Marathon runner sprinting for the full 26 miles because after one minute, it’s gonna be exhausted. You need a pierce yourself and work on light punches. This is, in fact, how you would set up a power punch. But what seems to happen, you might be in the gym and someone comes on the bag next year and all of a sudden we try to impress, and I’m guilty of this too, where you see them looking at you, then all of a sudden it’s, but then we get tired. And the scene when you’re on the mitts, people will try and impress the coaches by throwing them big bombs. But it doesn’t have to be hard. You should be working on the light punches to be able to set up the power punches. And when you see the demo at the end, you understand why. Because if you can’t land a fast light punch, you’re never gonna be able to land a big Powerpoint like that. And when I give you the demo at the end, this will make a lot more sense.

Now, moving on, No. 4 is something very important. And for me, I teach in boxing for years now. It’s one of the most difficult things for people to learn, which is crazy, because we do it every day without thinking anyway. And it doesn’t matter how fit you are, if you’re not doing this, you’re gonna waste all your energy and be exhausted. Can you guess what it is? Well, it’s breathing, but it’s known how and when to do it correctly in boxing. When we’re boxing, especially when we start off, it’s natural to wanna hold our breath to try and get power in the punches. If you’re holding your breath when you’re punching, you’re gonna get tired three to four times faster if you ever done swimming underwater, you’ll know how exhausted you get because you’re holding your breath and you’re using lots of energy at the same time.

Now, this is the same as you’re swimming underwater. If you’re holding your breath, arm punching, you’re gonna get tired very fast. Learning how to breathe and when to breathe is key. Every time your phone to punch, you want to excel out and then suck straight back in. And then when you’re moving around and you’re out of range like this, again, I’m totally relaxed and I’m breathing, relaxing my full body. And this is the time to recover. But what tends to happen when someone is in front of you, whether it’s the myth guy or a sparring partner, we start getting tight and really over analyzing and thinking about things and we tend to our muscles and it’s right here when we’re like this, that’s burn and energy that’s unnecessary.

Now, if you’re watching this video, you’re probably fit enough to do this all the year long and poorly relaxed. I’m moving around, I’m breathing, I’m hardly using any energy, which may seem crazy because I’m doing lots of moving, but I’m not because I’m conditioned to do that. But then as soon as someone gets in front of you, whether it’s the Padman or response partner or someone’s on the back next to you, my shoulders are getting tight, my legs getting tight. And this is when I’m wasting that energy. Even if you’re holding your breath just a tiny bit more, it’s not good.

We need to really focus on relaxation. And when you do this correctly, you need more speed and power in your punches. And I’ll show you that at the end. That’s why you see champion boxes like Roy Jones here during year rounds against Bernard Hopkins. Look how relaxed he is because he understands breathing and with the demo at the end, it’s gonna give you a great way to get into good habits to be able to do this without thinking about it. First, you’ve got to think about it every single time you’re doing it, get it into your head so you think about it, do it, think about do it until you get to the point of being able to do it without having to think about it.

No. 3 is another big one. And I remember when I was on the Great Britain boxing team training for the Olympic qualifiers, alongside me was my good friend and teammate, Steven Smith, who was nine times national champion in Commonwealth Games, gold medalist. We were training so buddy hard. And I remember I felt like a couldn’t get through some of the training sessions. He would come up to me during the same session and he could see that I was getting tired. He was also doing this session. He was driven with sweat, also exhausted, and he would fish for me. We’ve got this champ, let’s go. And that little boost from Steven would get me through that session.

You know, you might have heard the phrase, if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right. If you go into the session thinking, I’m really unfit, this is gonna be too hard for me, I can’t get through it. Then that session is gonna be a big struggle for your mate. Instead, get your mind right. Think, assuming that really motivates you and will help you get through that session. When you’re tired, think about what you’re doing this for. Think about why you start. Think about your next session will be better because you’ve put the work in during this session. No. 2 is super important. If you don’t get this right, not only will prevent you from getting the most out of each session and help you last longer in your sessions, but also if you are doing sporing, it could cause you to get seriously hurt, which obviously we don’t wanna get did.

You know, when we’re dehydrated, our electrolyte balance gets really thrown off. This imbalance leads to muscle fatigue throughout your sessions, make it harder to keep up that high pace that we want to get through the session. But by still hydrated, we’re going to maintain this balance throughout the full session, which is making sure our muscles can operate at their very best, preventing that horrible fatigue that’s preventness from feeling stronger for longer.

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It’s even hard for me to do this well. I’m wasting so many punches by phone BS. Combinations. I mean, what was that? There should be a reason why you threw every punch in a combination. For example, if I threw a, which was a job, the head crossed to the body, hooked to the head. This makes sense because if you think I threw that chapter, the head, another person’s hands have come up, opened them up for our body. Boom, there, arms come down, hook there. It just makes sense.

But often people see the Mayweather’s silly maywork like this. And the thing, that’s how your box. It’s not, this will only get you into bad habits. They might be thinking, well, Tony, I’m trying to fool. More punches cuz I wanna get fitter when you tell me not.

Well, I’m not seeing that. I’m seeing if you are throwing lots of punches, which is great, you should be, you should make sure you’re perfecting the punches. Make sure every punch you throw, you have good form and to make sure you’re doing this, whether you’ve got a trainer or haven’t got a trainer, you should use my ideal punching system. This will help you perfect your punches.

This is where I show you how to identify your mistakes and also how to drill out your bad habits so you do ultimately through perfect punches every time you’re on the bag. And this is totally free for you. You can scan here. I’ve got Tony Jeffrey’s dot com and I’ll send you it with a bunch of different heavy bag workouts that you can do to help perfect your punches. No strings, no BS, just scanning it. I’ll go to Tony Jeffrey’s. Com.

Now it’s time for this demo. I want to show you how to work on these tips. And the first thing is breathing. And the drill I’ve got for this is what I give to people who’s really struggling with the breathing and getting too tight, like I mentioned earlier on. And what I’m doing here, I’m just focusing on one thing, but two things actually, when I’m keeping my feet apart, when I move, what you always wanna do.

But the other thing is I’m staying relaxed. I’m breathing. Now, if you do boxing training, you should be fit enough to do this for a full round. Easy. So hands down, moving.

What I’m going to do from here, I’m going to bring my arms up, keep them relaxed again, focus on that breathing. But now I’ve got my hands up. Then from here I can start throwing some punches, just not nice and light. And then when will you do Ottawa punches in? Doesn’t have to be 100 mile an hour, but I want you focus on excellent with each punch. No, with this easy, we can do this all day long because we’re not going 100 mile an hour and we’re focused on breathing. And that right there is a great drill to help you work on relaxation and improve your breathing.

Now moving on to the next thing is power punches. We need to work on setting them up. So rather than what I showed you earlier on the bug, we’re gonna set up then power punches with the light punches. So for example, I’m here to light buffest jobs. Yeah, and then I’m gonna set up with the power punch behind that job. Another one would be a, well, nice light 1, two. Wow, big, heavy left hook. Just remember every punch doesn’t have to be hard. And the next one is how not to waste any punches. And I show you how to do that on a heavy bag to look like a pro. I create this video right here. So if you click here, take it through and watch this video. It’s an absolute game changer.