Makeup Challenge: Creating Concert Makeup Looks Using Mom’s Makeup Bag

Okay, so Mom’s going to see the inner Carter, so I’m gonna do her makeup, but we’re gonna use her makeup bag. Obviously. This is it right here. I’m gonna try to only use what’s in here. We’re gonna do somewhat of a challenge, but you do your makeup all the time. Just this. But we gotta do like concert makeup, you know what I.

Mean? I’m trying to add some eyeshadow in there here.

Gotta start out with the Shrek gear. Of course, we need this makeup to stay on though. So I’m gonna make her use my primer so that it stays on for a while. Yep, probably. Now it’s hydrating.

Don’t put on my neck too, or just like on my face.

Don’t forget your nose.

Is it going around my notion?

All right. Now we’re gonna use this. I don’t make you wear the same cuz I don’t wanna like rub my grimy handle over your face. There you go. I would start with the right. This next.

This stuff is an old lady’s best friend. Always run out of my color. So every time I see it about it.

Why don’t you get understand, though? You can try to make sure my books on every space. Yeah, probably keep.

In mind if your buttons in your face, but I think the long flight, we don’t get the cover.

Okay, just the foundation she uses. I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I it went viral on Tikto.

I used to have dry skin. I know. I don’t know, changing and usually it goes the other way. Like you have obviously do everything right.

Okay, so she uses the Thread cosmetics concealer and this one from revolution. You use this one on your face, right? Listen, on your underarm. Convenience. Yep. It has come to my attention that my mother does not own a bronzer stick, so I’m gonna use my fancy merit one on her and show her or the life that she is messing out on.

I mean, all this I like, I didn’t know how to do any of this stuff until you showed me. So I’m sure I’m trying to be teachable and learn new thing and that technology. I don’t wanna learn that. Which.

Is funny cuz you’re the one on the team at your work who knows how to do.

Well, I know how to do everything for work. Cuz like that’s my livelihood. I learn how to use a software and all that stuff. But as far as like having 5 remote controls and leaving my flashlight on my phone on accident and like butt dialing people like that is, that’s always.

You are a Chrono. She is, however, with the land of the living enough to have a cream blush stick also Thrive. Cosmetics. I’ve been telling these people all this time, the.

Drive is the best, but I’m like, I’m gonna watch you do this because I bought this thing and then I’ve been like scared to use it. So show me your ways.

My office again. 3. Alright, I’m gonna bring you, whoops, can of luxury and we’re gonna use a different powder under your eyes and use on your face. Cuz I know you usually use the same one, but it’s your fancy night. So we’re gonna miss my fancy night. We’re gonna go all.

Out. My Mother’s Day outing.

Mama, we’re gonna have to talk about.

Okay, we’re sorry.

For that. Do you need one of these? All right. But does the bronzer and the powder? Yeah, on TikTok shop, I can order. You want.

Mom, I’m you should just be glad I watched these brushes like a couple weeks ago and you should have seen all the makeup that came out of my.

Yeah, we don’t clean. Let me don’t get that.

Well, I did clean him. And I cleaned them with my thieves oil soap, like that natural soap that I, and it just, like stuff just comes out. So maybe that’s like a mom tip. Use the theme stuff from Young Living and it gets everything out of makeup brushes later on. Brand new.

Good now. Okay, we’re gonna use these two cuz I think I’m gonna do a smokey eye on her. So I’m gonna use this one and then I’m gonna use the shimmer, one of these shimmers from this one. Yeah, you go ahead to do your own eyeliner cuz I don’t want to stab you an eyeball. All right. She janked up her eyeliner, but she’s gonna let it dry and fix it. But you already know which mascara we’re using because we use the same one. Yeah, I literally have 4 backups in my makeup drawer right now.

There’s one in the kitchen for some reason. Yep. That was from her Easter basket. Exactly.

Elisa Purdy, I feel pretty. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. All right. Now go put your other on so we can show the people. Yes, ma’here she comes. You like so Perry. Oh, there’s dummy too. Elise, so cute. She’s wearing my beats. You look beautiful. Are you so excited? Oh, you look perfect. Thank you for fixing me. You’re welcome.