Exploring Liverpool Comic Con: A Day of Nostalgia, Buffy Moments, and Unique Finds

So yet again, I went to another conver. I got so engrossed in actual congoing that I forgot to video. I mean, I obviously made like my little Agatha through the multiverse video, but yeah, I forgot to video. But what I thought would be quite cute is if I showed you my little hole of the con as a whole, I’ve really enjoyed Liverpool Comic Con. It felt like an old school con. I’ve been going to cons for over 20 years and it just felt like a really cute old school con. There weren’t too many stores with too many pops. There was just enough, there was like really interesting stores. See, I’m gonna talk you through what I got. So yeah, so we’re supposed to be seeing Miranda Otto. Well, we booked initially to go to Lizzie and she canceled. Then I had tickets from Mandaro, so she canceled on the Thursday. So the only person that we saw was Charisma Carpenter, who played cookie. They’re chasing Buffy now. I’m a long time Buffy Hardcore stand from like day 1. And she was really so lovely. She took her time with everyone like she or she questions as well as like, as well as asking her question. She was just really lovely. And here’s my signed picture of her. Yeah, and here’s me and my bestie having a little selfie with her. She was just such a lovely human and yeah, icon. So yeah, then I bought my brother something. I bought my brother like a framed picture of the Radio Times cover for the 5 doctors. But unfortunately, I’ve already given that to him, so. We then went to Doctor Bell’s photography where they were doing shoots. You pay and you get like a picture, you cosplay and they add a background and stuff. And this is my Agatha picture that I got with them. How fit. Then I’m just kind of when I go see things, I’m kind of like a, what can I get that I wouldn’t get anywhere else? So like stickers, pins of my thing, but I also put this really fabulous piece of artwork, stranger things 1. Isn’t that the cute thing ever? Like, I love that scene.

Then I got this little odd audition catcher thing. Like, I’m gonna put it in the window. How cute. And then I got a couple of stickers. So I got a ditto sticker cuz you know, she’s a Pokemon queen. I got a may the pork be with you because it was the 4th of may on Saturday, so had to get that. And then this is my favorite. How good is that? A little sticker of the unknown. It’s the unknown.

Now, some of you may or may not know this, but I am a massive, what we do in the shadows stand, hardcore stand. So I’ve got this little pin badge and it’s like Vampire Association with a little sign that says Staten Island Perfection. And in keeping with that, I got a Nadia’s not just patch. And I use like a this one because we love what we do in the shadows. I also got a Bella where you’ve been local because honestly, you know, oh, and I forgot my little Nando pin and I’m a wizard. Talking of wizards, this badge is also great. Other magic box from Buffy. Then I couldn’t resist these earrings. There’s socks and muffin earrings because I am muffin. And then I got this little rogue pin. Cuz if you watch your next to midnight 7, if you know, you know, then I bought these pair of socks. Well, I bought two pairs of socks, but I’ve split them. So I’ve given my brother a pair of the split socks, but basically like he managed hero socks, iconic. And then finally, so I refer to my bestie as my Wanda and obviously I’ve got keys to her house and I bought a new key ring for that look. And I put little Lego Scarlet Witch on it. So yeah, that’s my whole. Nothing too extravagant. Oh no, actually, I did get one last thing and it’s the best thing of the day. I managed to get the vinyl of Death Becomes her, like the soundtrack of death becomes her. It’s, honestly, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Like, I adore it. And the fact that I have a full version of me sometime over stream is iconic. But yeah, it was just a really fun con. There was so much to do, so much to see. I’m gonna post another video of like all the different pictures we took and stuff. But I would would recommend it would recommend.