Navigating Rebound Relationships and Rekindling Love: Insights from a Relationship Coach

Here’s why so many avoidant access will get into rebound relationships after a breakup. I’m coach, pro relationship coach. Let’s get into it. So if your avoid an X is right away jumping to somebody else, it does not necessarily mean that they’ve actually moved on or the relationship with you didn’t mean enough for them. And it’s so easy for them to have jumped to somebody else. Not at all.

Many avoidant access will actually get into revamp relationships, not because they’ve moved on from you or because they don’t wanna be with you anymore, just because avoidance are really good at avoiding and dismissing their emotions. And so avoid an access don’t do well with dealing with difficult or sad or heartbreaking situations. So instead of having to process the breakup and dealing with the breakup, they’ll choose to jump into a relationship with the first person that they can, hence the rebound relationship, in order to have a distraction, to not have to process the breakup, to not have to think about the breakup and to just not have to have a very big significant change in their lives, right? If for example, your X is in a rebound relationship, they’re not fully able to experience the extent of what it’s like to be single. So just because your X is distracted with this rebound, it doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna come back to you. Your X can not hide and distract from their feelings eternally.

At one point, the feelings do come to the surface, no matter how avoiding your exes and no matter how hard they try to push down those feeling. So if for example, you would like to get back together with an avoidant acts who is in a rebound relationship, all you really have to do is going to no contact, give your ex all the time and space to be able to experience what life is like without you. Let your ex be in that rebound relationship.

And as time goes on, because Rex is in a rebound relationship, it most likely will not last because rebound relationships very rarely turn into something more than just a rebound relationship. If your ex starts a relationship with somebody else with the engulf distracting themselves, then is it very unlikely that they’ve actually are going to manage to build such a dot strong bonding connection if you’re in no contact and you’re not begging or chasing your expert second chance, you’re not trying to compete with the rebound and you’re just focusing on becoming the happiest, best version of yourself. Then what can happen is your ex can start comparing you to the rebound instance, Rex. If your ex had a much stronger bonding connection with you, knew you for longer and had something more real with you. Your ex can then try to come back to you and can start missing you.

The reason why the vast majority of rebound relationships stay rebound relationships is because those relationships on B are built on very weak foundations. It’s not built with two people who are 100% emotionally available and X has not moved on from their past relationship. It’s not gonna be 100% emotionally available. And then of course, if your X does come back, it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to get back together with them after they have had a rebound. It’s a very much a personal decision during no contact, always make sure to prioritize your healing. Don’t just wait around for your ex, especially if you’re in a rebound relationship. The more you move on, the more you heal, the more likely you are to reattract. Regardless if you do need help getting back together with your ex, you could always sign up to my no contact program where you’ll be getting weekly group zoom sessions with me. You’ll be getting over one and a half hours worth of video modules explaining to the step by step process and how to get back together with an X, how to respond, what breadcrumbs are versus reach out to learn about different attachment styles. You’ll be able to learn which attachment style takes longer to come back, the timeline for how long it can take an X to come back, and so much more. It will essentially guide you through the whole entire no contact process, what you can expect and how to reattract an X. It will also have homeworks and worksheets in order to help you through this no contact process and to help you heal as well. You will also get many bonuses and Java platform. Will you be able to chat with me and with others to get support with your specific situation? To sign up, just click the link in my TikTok bio with where it says no contact program. And of course, you could always book a private zoom session with me through the link in my bio as well. And as always, remember, you’re stronger by two.