Mountain Dew: The Sweet Kiss of Adventure and Joy

With every cold kiss from that green bottle here, nothing sweeter in this world than Mountain Dew. You’re the melody in the chatter of the room. With each goal, my heart goes blue by the crackle of a campfire’s ruddy hue. With friends gathered around, only thing famous, energy in the heart of a sunlit clearing cross my mind. You come a steering the rush alive, clear sky, new, all my trails lead back to you. I every pore you like my way. You’re the jolts and my steps come break down. There’s only one chase that feels right. There’s only one sip that makes guys look like a first drop of rain. In the dry, long spell, Mountain Dew, nothing beats the great taste of all my soon.

You’re the tug in my heart. So strange. You are the joy and the supply in a quiet hasn’t done. I reach for you and the sleepiness is gone. You bring the light to my morning. You are a Russian mountain. You, there’s only one chase and feels like there’s only one safe to so define. You are possessed in my life as crew. You are the Russian mount.

There’s only one taste that feels like it’s only one sip that makes sky blue look like the first drop. A dry, long spell. You came along in my spirits.

You’re the spark in the summer. Is heat a cold green wave also sweet? You’re the laugh in the country, too. Just like a wild, carefree afternoon. There’s only one chase that feels right. There’s only one sip face. Yeah, rain blue, like the first drop of rain in a try long spell.

Mountain View, Mountain Dew. Nothing beats the great taste of woman content view as a day unwise. The sun dips flow for the embers flow and the night winds flow with a bottle all in hand, the stars come through with you. The green bottles kiss forever true. It’s love, it’s life, it’s mountain.