Magical Mashup: Unleashing Imagination with AI – A Toddler’s Creations

So a fun thing I like to do with my toddler when we’re trying to find something fun, you know, we’re bored of TV and tired of running around wanting to kind of settle down. I will, excuse me, I will go on edge. It’s basically the new Internet Explorer. And on there is a free AI and you can ask it to draw things. And that’s what we’ll do. And I’ll just be like, give me the most ridiculous prompts and she will and will laugh for hours. It’s great fun. I’d really like to show you some of the ones that she made, starting off strong. Here we have a unicorn tornado, obviously.

Here’s another iteration. I think this one’s my favorite because, look, this looks like a sentient tornado here. It’s got the unicorn head. Like this is an actual, it’s moving with a purpose and reason. This is a ocean of eyeballs. Obviously, we’ve got the Unicorn Dragon Ball Z baby.

This is another iteration of the Unicorn Dragon Ball Z baby. This is an angry baby unicorn fight. This is another iterate, another iteration on the content. This is another one. I don’t know what in the animal that is. Let’s say this is unicorns mixed with flowers. I think that’s pretty. This is the unicorns mixed with octopuses, mixed with tomatoes, obviously. And this is another. What the is this is a unicorn and an octopus. Next, a unicorn, octopus, an alien mix. And this is what it gave us, this like weird collage. I like it though. I think this is my favorite iteration though. It’s a, I love the way this thing looks. This is just insane.

This is my new background. Actually. It’s a cow mixed with an octopus mixed with a unicorn. And I just think that this is majestic as . So this is another iteration. I think these are both sentient. I don’t know. This is like cat, dog in another universe. And that’s not a unicorn. Technically, they’re AI. And then, okay, this is a low poly cat unicorn cow mix. There’s another iteration on that concept. I don’t know why the brain, this, the AI just kept putting the brains as others. I don’t know what the is going on there.

Again, this is I this is a unicorn cat mixed with a cow, mixed with an alien. And this is what we got. I do like this gray man, though. What the. It’s a cat. And then there’s like maybe some utters here. But why are the utters brains? Why is all the thinking, why is the thinking organ in the other? That’s just not like scientifically, that doesn’t make like, anyway, and then again, another, why are we, why are the guts open now? Is that clear? Is that like a hard glass? What is going on there? I don’t know. And then now it sees it also sees. Now it’s got eyes. I don’t understand what is going on back here either. And then now the intestines are sentient. Obviously, S1 does. I don’t what is going on with his eye, too. Is he winking at me while he’s eating? His own intent? I don’t wanna know. This was a cat and a dog mixed, which is just the cutest thing.

This needs to be a Pokemon, right the now I want one. And Ju, I forget what the prompt was for. This is sonic fighting. What did she say? Sonic fighting Neo, I think. I don’t know what the like, yeah, that’s forget what the prompt was on this one as well.

This is an alien cow, which this awesome looking. This is another iteration of the alien cow unicorn Pegasus mix. So I just thought those were a lot of fun. And yeah, maybe a little life hack if you’re trying to distract the kids in a like a free way.