Exploring Senses: A Stream of Consciousness Journey Through Taste and Smell

I, here we have it. Waste be gone one day. D talks about a time. My. What do you tell you? Like if I find this. Thank you, man. If I throw the , this smell like . It smell like she. I enjoy the DC, yes. Oh, this is fine. Are you drinking this? See, sue, does she smell like school? Did she smell like the soul? It smell like dookimo very well. Do it taste like a smell? Oh, that calm, you know, and drink it. Do it taste, do it taste like a smell? Ismael. Youtube. USB ID.


Socable. Focade.

Aquí goodbye, why did this is this is Matthew? ¿Quién me mató?


Es famoso. Cool. She take like egg. Okay. Are you a gunster? A lot. Can I pull the rest of these old juice? You like drinking with what? That one?

That’s why y’all become trying to give you the drinking. Y’all be trying to get a laugh. You have a chance. See Susie. Yeah, I’ll be trying again. I got a P guy today. I’m great. I got a P.