Revelations and Adventures: Embracing the Power of the Holy Spirit in Everyday Life

I used to hold firm to my churches, K JV only. And then I began to truly reading. And the closer I drew to God, the more I realized when you are in the Spirit, God can bring revelation in reading Peter Rabbit. So let’s talk about this. I love this comment, by the way.

Do you just hear what she just said? When you’re a born again believer in Jesus and the spirit of God lives inside of you, you can read a kid’s book and the spirit will give you revelation.

I think a lot of you don’t understand this truth. It’s true. I give, let me give you a practical thing. One day I was mowing the yard and I was getting ready to mow it. I get them all around. I go to pull it. It’s not starting.

So I realize like, okay, let me do a quick oil change. So I get ready to do it. And when I flip the mower over, it’s not like in the old days, it used to be like a screw. You just literally take a little ratchet, take the screw out, drop the oil out, fill it back up. Not this time.

It was like a newer mower. So it had like this sunken in certain ranch, which I’m sure came with the mower when you bought it new. But obviously I don’t have it. So I’m out there and in my practical life all the time, by the way, all the time building things, making things I like, Holy Spirit come work through me in spite of me. Give me wisdom, knowledge and a sermon how to take care of this, how to do it.

So like any other day, I’m in this in a real time situation, like Holy Spirit, give me wisdom. How do I do this? So in my mind, what I heard, and by the way, when I say here, there’s no audible voice. It’s an I. We have the mind of Christ.

It’s a fact. The spirit is inside of us. So I say, Holy Spirit, give me truth. It’s my mind, it’s my voice, but I keep thinking this, go get the ratchet, take off the end of it and that little tool, like an extension you would put on will fit in there perfectly. That’s the thought I had.

Now, remember, it’s not audible. If it’s audible, I would have done it right away. It’s just this thought that came, right? I’m like, and literally don’t laugh at me, but I’m like, yeah, that’s stupid. That I know that doesn’t fit. I could tell looking at it.

So I throw that away and I go get a screwdriver. I’m like, I’m gonna put it at an angle and then I’m gonna bust it open. I get the screwdriver. Nope, it won’t work. I try three more things. Finally, I’m like, oh, okay, God help me, Lord. And it’s amazing how God cares about little things and how much he wants to be in relationship to us in just such a real way and everyday real life and everything we’re about.

So as I do that, the thought comes to mind. I’m like, you know, I’ve tried everything else. Let me go get it. So I go get it. I come back and like I said, it’s like a ratchet, but the extension piece that goes on, man, I go, it does not.

I even set it like even it’s not fitting. I shove it in there. If it’s perfect. Like it was the very tool you used to take it off with. So all of a sudden happened, I just stopped from it. I’m like, I love you, Lord.

I know you told me it’s about 20 minutes ago, but wow, this is amazing. And it’s funny how god cares about that. Right away. I did the whole chain. Now have another one to tell you. That’s pretty amazing. This is supernatural.

This has only happened to me one time in my entire life. So all of a sudden, I wake up one day and I’m thinking about my friend Brenda, who I used to work with three or four years ago. And as I wake up, all of a sudden I just feel like I need to call her. I just get this function to call her again, we have the mind of Christ, the spirits with us. It’s my mind, my voice.

It’s not like all sinners like Patrick call Brenda. I mean, guys, that would take no faith at all. And remember, we’re not a puppet. If God was gonna speak that way audibly, what would it be for? It would be for salvation, because that would be superseding our free will because he’s speaking on all of a way and yet God doesn’t even do it for that’s why it’s by faith.

So anyway, I hear her name, I look through the boxes in my garage trying to find because we used to work together, the phone list we used to have. And I go, I know we had one. I just kept feeling prompted. I got a collar, so I look and I look and I can’t find it. And I’m not gonna say the number out loud, but all of a sudden, like, by the way, cuz I think it’s still their number, I don’t wanna give that out, but I will have her talk about it one day.

So sitting on my car and I get this number in my head and a full phone number, I’m like, that’s silly. I’ve never called her. So that would be silly for me to even have it in my brain at all. So like, that’s stupid. So I keep looking and looking and looking and I can’t find it.

I keep looking. I can’t find it. I’m like, well, I mean, I guess it can’t hurt. So I put my phone and I hit the phone number and I’m like listening like this is just kind of silly. And also Brenda answers the phone.

She was, hey, I go Brenda and I promise you I did this too. I go, hold on, I sent the phone. Now I’m like, yes, Lord. Woo, that is incredible, man. I got a phone number. I get back on. I say, look, I wanna be honest with you.

This is the first time my entire life, God just gave me all your digits and I go, tell me what is going on right now. Something must be crazy going on. She was like, can’t believe you’re calling me. I was just at my brother’s house. He’s done all these drugs and everything.

I really felt like I should share Jesus with him. But then I kind of chickened out and I’m driving away from the apartment complex and I just to note, Chicago, stop, turn back around, just like, I can’t get in the gate. I go, I don’t care. Hop the gate, climb the fence, go back. I, why in the world?

And I have a phone number. This is crazy, man. So I’m telling you now. Turn around. She turns around, jumps, offense, goes back up, gets her brother, shares the gospel.

He accepts Christ that night, trumps out all the drugs, all the drinking, gone forever. And in the middle of the night, he woke up and God had him read them book of revelation. I was like, what? I mean, I’ve been followed Jesus 43 years. When I came to Jesus, I started with the book of John, right?

Just the base of me. I’m like, book of revelation. And, but it was amazing, right, what God did. So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t take your thoughts for granted. Don’t. God is speaking all the time to us.

And you could hear my story many times like, well, that’s stupid. Why am I thinking that? But it’s funny how God can just, in a whisper and just give you a thought. And it’s truly amazing. And so I just want to agree with her that Jesus is with us all the time by the powers, Holy Spirit inside of us to help you change a tire, to help you with a mower, maybe supernaturally give you a phone number.

Maybe in the middle of the night, a friend comes to mind. Don’t take your thoughts for granted. Act upon it. Just say, would this glorify my father in heaven if I follow this thought out?

And when you do, it’s gonna be super exciting and fun. It will really blow you away. Father, we love you, Jesus. How can we tell you thank you enough, Holy Spirit, thank you. That you live inside of all of us.

And we have to say this every day we wake up, we have free will. We’re not a puppet, all of us, and say, Holy Spirit, work through me, inspired me this day to do anything and everything you wanna do. And Holy Spirit, I’ll let go of control of my day. No matter what happens this day, good, bad or ugly, I’m gonna trust you right there with me, father. I pray that born again believers in Jesus would have faith that you realize God’s with you in a relationship on a daily basis.

He’s not just with you in the Bible. He’s with you in everyday, real situations, every time, every place where you’re going, he’s with you. Start opening your ears. Start having faith. Start following out those thoughts.

Remember you said take your thoughts captive when you have a thought come. Would my father in heaven give me this thought? Would it glorify my father in heaven to follow it out? And guess what? The one thing I’ve Learned after 43 years of following Jesus, I rather be a fool to man than a fool to god.

I step out not because I know. I step out because if I was that other person at the other end, how are they gonna know?

Jesus, if we’re not willing to step out, the only thing you have to lose is being wrong. Who cares about being wrong? Who cares about that? Be willing to step out. Be willing to be a vessel for god because he wants to work through all of us. There is nothing special about me at all.

I’m just a fellow believer in Jesus. But I will tell you this, it is so much fun and it’s the greatest adventure to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit. And every day of your life will never be the same. And Jesus name. Amen.