Creamy Rotisserie Chicken Pasta: A Delicious and Affordable Meal for a Worthy Cause

Oh, there we go. I try to make possum this little pan. Not a good idea, just to let you guys know. All right. This is a lot of spaghetti right here. Do you realize it was this much, Chris? The recipe said the whole thing. So, all right, next we’re gonna put some cooked chicken.

This is cubed rotisserie chicken. So if you got some extra chicken in the fridge, just wanna drizzle it on. That’s okay. Cuz we’re donating this. So they need the carve. So it’s great for, honestly, they’re homeless. So anything helps, they will be thankful. But they do have preferences, you know.

Oh, Vita cheese. Look at that. Valita, belvita. All right. Let’s just take little slices.

I love this cheese cuz it stays soft even if it’s been in the fridge, it’s still gonna be amazing. Creamy. Yes, look at that. This is a full meal right here. Alright, stuff it in. Still push this down. Next, we’re gonna put some cream of chicken with herb.

I know everybody’s like, don’t use candles, but I mean, how do you even make this on your own? Yeah, I’m confused. Keep it on like Campbell’s. That’s okay. Keep on scrolling. The same for you. But so many people love Campbell. I love Campbell.

Mix that on there. Candles is great. I know if you’re from the US, you know, you love. I mean, we grew up with this stuff. I know. Okay, look at that flavor in. Now we do want to put some water to meld it together.

So we’re gonna actually use chicken stock and serving the chicken in there. So it’s free range. Keep the chicken. So that means the chickens were free, I think so. Free those low velociraptors. All right, let’s go. Okay. Looking good.

Juicy. We gotta put in some spices next. So we’re gonna put in some shopping onions. Yeah, chop onions and spice. I don’t think, I mean, it looks like it. Here we go. Great little pasta dish. We got some garlic powder.

You’ve got it for garlic powder or garlic in this dish, especially in pasta. Come on now. Alrighty. That’s some pink Himalayan salt in Himalayan itself. Oh, looking great. And you gotta throw some green on this. Our vegetable for the day. Where is it?

Parsley. It’s not open to get work. These are, we bought these for you guys. So yes, you guys said we weren’t seasoning properly. So, and we’re donating this.

So we’re giving people fresh ingredients, guys, taking care of them. This is look like a beautiful little dish. Alright, substrate, we do gotta finish it off with a little bit more stuff. We got the ranch. She have a whole canon taking me gotta say yes, there we go. Oh my goodness.

I was gonna make it all nice and oh yeah, look at that. Oh, sexual. Okay. No, alright, I just want to put a little bit more cheese, not too much cuz this thing is like at the brim, puppy. Go ahead and pop. There we go. And you know what?

I’m gonna mix it after it’s cooked. So you gotta wait to see the finish product. We’re gonna put this in the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes cuz it’s a lot of stuff. So we’ll be right back. All right, guys, look at this. It looks so it’s really heavy.

We’re gonna mix it up. So we actually we’re gonna take this to another pan cuz we’re donating this. But let’s mix this up. Look at that. Alright, let’s mix it up. My mom’s gonna donate it. She’s here right now. Hi, mom.

Hi. Oh my goodness. I don’t even know. Let’s try both. Okay, still gonna try a little bit for you guys though. So hold tight. That ranch looks good, smells good.

Okay, you know, I’m just gonna take a little piece and we’re gonna eat it right now. Go ahead, crazy. Okay, let’s take nice little bite right here. Yes. Oh, okay. Okay. Here we go. Oh, help didn’t help you didn’t that okay, you tried.

Yeah, I’m gonna use a different fork. Still learning everybody. This does look pretty good. It does. They’re gonna love it. I’m gonna have to just try one by. You gotta get the chicken in there. Turf way the less yourself.

That’s really good. So good goodness. Make this table. Creamy protein and less than $20.