Green Card Application: Required Documents and Procedures

Congratulations to you. Now let the games begin. In this video, I’m going to be telling you the documents that you need in order to apply for your green card through the diverse CVS Allergy program. You need a total of about 11 documents. So we’ll go through that very quickly in this video.

First of all, step 1, once you find out that you’re a winner of the program, make sure that you completes the DS two sixty online Immigrants Visa application. You enter your DV visa case number. Be sure remember that’s a separate form is required for each visa applicant. After you submit your form, DS two hundred sixty online, please print out the confirmation page and bring it to your interview or take it to your interview. Again, knows that you can access and print the confirmation page anytime after you’ve completed the DS two hundred sixty application.

If your family circumstances have also changed after the lottery, for example, if you get married, please remember to add your new family members to your kids. Or for example, you’ve had a child or you get married, add your new family members to your case.

Now, yeah, the supports and documents, don’t send any of the supporting documents to KCC. That process has changed. Now you have to submit all supporting documents when you’re going in for your interview at your US Embassy.

No. 1, your passport. Please make sure that your passport has a validity for at least 6 months beyond the issuance of the date of your visa. So if you have a passport that’s about to expire, please renew. It’s each visa applicants must have them own passports. It doesn’t matter if there are two months old or one day old.

No. 2 bed certificates. Each applicant, you have to have your original best certificate and one which we certified copy as well, submits that documents. No. 3, your marriage certificate. So marriage person, you’re supposed to submit marriage certificate and 1 or 3, a satisfied copy of it, as well as proof of termination of any previous marriages, original documents and one which we certified. And if you have your spouse’s dead certificates, that’s if you’ve previously had a spouse or husband or web that state, take that death certificate, final divorce, GQ, marriage annulment or the like. Okay.

No. 4. Other documents that reflect name change present additional evidence from archives or courts. If some of the documents that you presents do not reflect all name changes that you have had in the past, for example, if you changed your Beth name to a married name and back to your bad name after a divorce, please present records to reflect this.

No. 5 photograph, a color full face photograph for each applicants, regardless of their age. Pictures must have been taken within the last 6 months. And the dimensions are 5 by 5 to avoid all the wahala. Just to make sure you go to a passport photograph place that deals with US Embassy passport photos.

King No. 6, evidence of required educational work experiences is where a lot of people get tripped. Now you must submit a certified copy of a school diploma confirming a successful completion of secondary or higher education. Not just completion is successful completion. So sometimes failure means you did not successfully complete your education. So please take notes of that.

Requirements and law or documentary evidence of 2 years of work experience, requiring at least 2 years of training experience to perform form. Please note, education or wake experience requirements should only be met by the principal applicants of the visa Logy program.

No. 7, your police certificates. Each visa applicants at least 16 years, you must submit an original police certificate from police authorities of the applicants country of current residents if you’ve resided there for at least six months after you 10,16. No. 2, from the police authorities of all other countries except the US, where the applicant has resided for at least one year after you turn the age of 16. And No. 3, from the police authorities of any country where applicants has been arrested for any reason. It doesn’t matter how long you have lived there. Okay, please.

Clarence, letters are usually valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. Okay, then No. 8, quote and prison records, prison swapping. Convicted of a crime, you must submit all course records and any prison record, regardless of whether you’ve benefited from your pattern or amnesty. And notes that all courts or prison records must be submitted with no tree satisfied English translations.

No. 9, military records. If you are, if you have any military service record, if it’s applicable to you and it’s obtainable, please make sure you request those documents and submit them for your interview.

No. 10, deportation papers. If you’re a visa applicant and, for example, you have requested an extension of steam or a change of status while you’re in the US or you’ve been depot deported from the US, you must present all the applicable documentary evidence. Okay? And No. 11, the results of your medical examination document No. 12, that you should submit, you should be prepared to submit evidence of financial support. So if your visa, diversity visa applicant, you are required to show that you are unlikely to become a public charge once you come into the United States. And so to do this, you should be prepared to show to the officer that you have independent financial resources, and these can include income, savings, investments, evidence of other assets that you own. If the evidence is not enough, be ready to provide evidence from a sponsor by the form I, 1,3,4.

Yeah, three additional things you must knows. No. 1, please make sure that you will submit all your originals of your civil documents. They will be returned to you after the interview. So make sure you take the originals.

No. 2, translations, all documents, prepare for trans for submission. Now, if your documents are not in English, please make sure that you have a Notry certified English translation. Avoid your documents. And then No. 3, the visa fee. You’ll be required to pay a non refundable visa application fee. The fees fee hundred and thirty us dollars per person payments we should be made at the embassy on the day of your interview in cash, all by credit card. You cannot pay at any other time. Okay, so guys, all the best and fool me for more.