Mastering Video Hooks: A Comprehensive Guide to Captivating Your Audience from the Start

The first 5 seconds of your video is important to make sure you start with the hook. Do you usually hear this VS. Hi, I’m Lucy. I am a marketing and I’m gonna share with you in this video what are the different types of hook that you can start your videos with. So before we start, Anonaba, Anhook. Hook is an attention grabbing opening that is designed to capture the viewer’s interest and draw them into the story or message of the video. And unlike the common knowledge of a lot of people now, a hook should be a text. This is not always the case. Hook can take place in a form of text, a video, or even book. So I’m gonna share with you some ideas of hooks. So number one can be a teaser hook. So teaser hooks mean that you’re starting your video by teasing your audience from the word itself, not teaser. So this can be done by starting with an establishing scene. You can also mention your topic headline. So anything that pieces or kind of introduces what the video is going to be about. Another type of hook is question hook. So from the word itself, you start with a question such as, you’re looking for the perfect home or are you looking for an AI tool that helps you save time? Thanks, like that. So another type is negative hook naman. So you start with something negative. I think this is pretty much common. Like you see this a lot, right? When content creator wants to be a little provocative with their content. So one thing to do that is, so starting off with something negative, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the things are also negative. It can be just like a hook, just a way to hook the audience.

Another is reward benefit hooks who are starting the video by mentioning or showing what your audience can get or benefit from watching it or from taking a certain action. For example, save time and money with or before you try X. Watch this. Another is FOMO hook. So FOMO means fear of missing out. Examples of this are, I can’t believe this only cost X. Or this is the famous foundation yada, we have emotional hooks. So emotional hooks mean you start your video with something that is emotionally compelling. So you can start with a story, you can start with a reaction, or you can start to be the joke. So I don’t use my usual vlogs, right, Mark? You know, it’s like they start with somebody crying or somebody mad. So those are types of emotional hooks. Now, as I’ve said at the first few parts of the video, not necessarily that they take the form of a text. It can also be in a form of video, right?

Other example of hooks that you can also do are hooks that people don’t normally do in videos. If you remember this one content creator wherein he always holds a balloon and pop it at the start of his video. So it can be something like that as well. Some things surprising. Another is doing emotion wherein it’s more human or it’s more authentic, which is you see some other contact creators, like they move their cameras like that. Or some see something like, hold on, like I’ve got an amazing idea. Like they do this or they do like their lip gloss or they do their skin care.

So those are other examples of hooks. So there are a lot of hooks that you can try out and experiment with when you’re doing content creation. And if you would like to grab this copy of hooks that I have, like this information that I compiled for you. This is inside our for free notion content creation templates. So you can just head over our website, all over bomb and then click shop. So once you’re here at shop, you would see different free templates that we have, which is this one. So young template, wherein the hooks are inside it. You can find it inside our free content creation notion template over here. So again, just go to all over socials.comslashshot and then just click here and just click add to cart and make sure to check this out. And then once you check this out, you can see this card over here. Just click the card and then just proceed to click checkout and then the file will automatically download. That includes the instructions on how to access the file. So if you like more types of this content, like involve for more.