Love, Drama, and Surprises: A Reality Dating Show Recap

5. Finish a shot. I love you, Jamie. Seems like a very good time. The type of person that I can just like immediately get along with. Brian, he’s a construction worker. I need something more high profile, Jamie. So all construction workers up, the builders. Oh no, oh no, oh no. They like cheers and they said something like to construction workers, unite. And that’s what I was scared about. I went on a day with Brian. Yeah, so nice. But construction worker like Bob the builder. I just heard Jamie, who’s the next guy I got? I think Jamie just heard them say construction workers. You might. I have a lifestyle and I need someone to like elevate trouble. Jamie. I think there is something there that’s like instant attraction and never would I put somebody’s career down, but I know the lifestyle I want. And so a construction worker, I don’t know that it matches up. Like he told me like radio sales or something. Radio, like a radio show sale. I don’t know. Oh my God. Hello. I sales is good. Tell me about you guys.

We both found out. David Floyd. I wasn’t feeling it. Okay. She.

Is. I like that when he’s on. I heard a rumor that he’s kissed 3 girls. Did you kiss on the first day? Shut up. That’s fine. Yes, it’s cute. No, that’s cute. I think Lloyd kiss Gabby. Girl holding hands. Girl hands. Try that. Yeah, it’s fine. I just wish that like right now he was like talking to me and not to her.

Why is there no stars? If no stars in this car, be quite cute. Wait, I.

Bet you we could find Orian’s belt.

There’s some seats there. You can, of course, come. This is my spot. I start hitting up with Jacqueline, which I love.

You were my second choice. I’m.

Not to say broken. I don’t like to be second choice. I know.

But I was going with my gut. I went on the date with Lloyd and he’s great. He’s super cute. But I feel like the maturity level isn’t there for me. Like I really want a man. You have to.

Be data Mexican. Like I thought you’re gonna be different. Really? Promise. Yeah, I thought you were gonna be like.

Cocky. I feel like I give what I get. I’m a strong woman.

I’m so cold.

Right now. I know. That’s what I was thinking.


I thought I’d have like one on one time with Sophia. It’s a nice view, aren’t it? Got it. I know.

Yeah, I know this is really weird, but you ever used to play Ground Theft Auto. Why? But do you ever play Grand Theft Auto? No. Don’t matter. Conversation killer. It doesn’t matter. Nice view, don’t it? I was a bit awkward for me, where I’m at with Sophia. I think I actually had a connection with her, but I have a vibe with Gabby. That’s the difference.

I’m just literally freezing. Like I’m so cold right now.

Nice move. I feel like a shot would warn you up.

I was hoping he would give me his jacket, but like, it’s okay. Like it’s fine. Hoping you would chase me. Okay, come on. Are you enjoying?

So much fun. Everyone’s really nice. Like, genuinely, I like every single person. I really do. Yeah, me too. Maybe you a little bit more than everybody else. Thank you.

I like him. Whatever. We had this really amazing chemistry. I loved the way she looked at me. I saw a woman that was actually hearing what I had to say and I didn’t even have to talk about myself. You.

Could be a little mysterious.

You’ll be surprised for the things I have hidden from you now. It’s hard to keep, it’s hard to keep it as a secret. You sleep, you know, when I start talking, I start getting into the conversation, it was like there’s just a bunch of emotions going on in my mind. Like my mind was like 100 miles an hour. I like you, period.

Gotta fire. Are you having fun? Yeah, I definitely am having.

Fun. You’ll freeze. Anyway.

Thank you. You could tell I was cool.

You got goosebumbers everywhere.

You smell nice. I remember the smell from yesterday.

You Walmart.

A lot warmer. He got the game. I’ve just been in these like situations where it’s like a lot of game playing at this point in my life. I’m tired and I’m just done with that. And now it’s done and done by the fly, pretty girl. I just also don’t wanna look ugly right now, so I don’t wanna cry cuz like I immediately look ugly. I was just annoying like seeing her like walking around with his jacket. Like I’m not. No. Yes, you do.

What’s the OKR? Silence for.

What happened to your jacket? No.

I gave it to Gabby.

I’m so sad. You gave Gabby your jacket. So they said that it’s cold.

I’m so sorry. That’s.


I get where she’s coming from, but I wasn’t like, or I’m gonna give you my jacket, but not you my jacket. It wasn’t like plan.

I think my Gabby is the home record. You made your bed. Of course. I love it.

You are a nice surprise. She threw me off like, wow, you’re not the girl I expected to be. And it was some beautiful surprise.

I haven’t taken down my walls in so long. I’ve been single for like 4 years.


I feel really good on my own. I’m not gonna dim my life for someone else. That.

Says a lot about you being had a strong independent woman. It’s been a very. Tonight.

Can I ask you like what are you until, like, what are your hobbies?