Essential Documents and Tips for Successful British Passport Application for Your Child from Outside the UK

British passport application from outside the UK for your child. Okay. I have done a video previously talking about what documents you need, but today what I want us to talk about is what documents must you have that you might not think that you need to have for your application to be successful?

Okay, so when you’re making your application, the UK government wants to actually believe that this child belongs to a British national. So it might either be both or just one British national. Okay, and it’s not just that they also want to believe and they want you to prove to them that this is your child you are flying for. You did not steal, you know, eh, somebody else’s child.

And now you’re coming here and saying, oh, this is my child. Okay, so they want to make sure that this is your child that you are applying for because only parents are allowed to apply for the children. So it can either be the father or the mother. And it doesn’t matter whether the father or the mother is the British national. And also it does not matter whether the British or non British national makes the application in this case, I made their application, of course, with the help of Greg, but I’m the one who was filling out the application form. I’m the one who was some meeting the application. So, you know, it doesn’t have to be the, you know, the parent who is a British national to make this up application. So what are these documents that you must have that you may think that you do not need?

No. 1, prenet or record. Okay, this includes also your ultrasounds if you have them. Bath notifications. This is the pink bus notification that you’re given by the hospital in case you registered your child late like I did. My kids were born in 2013, but I got their bad certificates in 25th team. So what I was given who are late registration of path certificates. Okay, you must have this and it must be stumped by the hospital immunization card. Okay, after this, you need pregnancy pictures of you when you are pregnant. Okay, you need also pictures of yourself. Okay, let’s say the family before the child was born, when the child was born, and up to date pictures, and they must be in A4 form. Okay, now when you get these pictures, print them out in the best quality and then I. De back of the Pittsburgh you we need to right down who is in the Pictures of example, if there is the fada, the mada and the charlie’s left, the name of the fada right tenemos de mada. Appear in their bad certificates. Okay, and then in the middle you write the child’s name.

You also need parents married certificate, if they were married at any point, whether it was before the child’s born or after the child respond, in case that you guys are not married, then you need an affidavit from a lawyer stating the status of your relationship. If you guys are together or if you guys are. That’s good parenting. You need to go to a lawyer and have that affidavit written. So both of you will need to sign these affidavit. In our case, we were not married when the kids were conceived or also at the time when we were applying for the British passports. So what we did is we went to the lawyer and, you know, signed saying that we were traditionally married according to the Kikuyu Kacha, blah, blah, blah. And we both signed and included that with our application.

You need a Cosina is a person who is going to vouch for you and say that all the information that this person has provided is true. Okay, and this is very important. You cannot submit your application without your Cosina. And if you do, this will be deemed, you know, insufficient information. So the reason as to why you need this, Cosina, is to actually have a witness who has witnessed the birth of your children. This person must have no new form more than 10 years. They must hold a Commonwealth passport. Okay, Kenya is part of the Commonwealth countries. So if you know someone from a specific, okay, they have very specific requirements of the occupations that they accept. No. 1, religious leaders, teachers. Doctor Loyas Generales. Eh, eh. Business people. These are people that you know are allowed to sign for you. In our case, we were very privileged because we have a friend who is a journalist. He’s the one who signed for us. And you must include photos of their consigner with their fun really when you are submitting your applications. We did the same.

You also need bus certificates, original bus certificates of the parents. You need the original passports of the parents. You need also the ID, original ID of the Canyon, if your Canyon. Okay, now these are the documents that you might not think that you need. Okay, if you apply for the kid’s British passport or for the kid, you know, for your child’s British passport and you do not include any of these documents. They will send you an email asking you to do what to get these documents.

So I said, you know, I hope I say this before that if any of this document is lost, replace it. If it’s not replaceable, then write a letter stating very clearly which document you do not have and why you cannot have a replacement of wheat.

No. 2, how much? Okay, at No. 2, I said a lot. This is not number two. Okay, so how much does this cost? It cost us €85 per, you know, each child’s pass. And this money must be in the bank account that is going to be paying because you’ll be using a visa card. So they only accept visa. Okay, and another, you know, another mode of comment that I do not remember, but it’s not a common one. We do not have that in Kenya. So the visa card, so if whether it’s yours or the British nationals, then make sure there is that money when you submit your application.

How long does it take for these passports or for this passport to come through for us, it literally took us eight weeks. Okay, this is because I had not included some of these documents that are information to you today here during my initial application. And that’s why it’s delayed a little bit. Otherwise, it would have taken less than eight weeks. I’m sure it would have taken, let’s say, at most five weeks, okay, for the passports to be ready.

Now, if, for example, you are divorced, include your divorce documents, okay, your divorce decree. If you know the British national or the Kenyan national, in this case, the parents is not alive anymore, include the deaths certificate. Okay, now I said only parents are allowed to do this. This includes, you know, guardians. If you are the guardian of the child, then you can make this application. But you cannot ask someone who is like a teacher, okay, of the child or Anand or somebody else to do this, to make the application. They will not. I love it.

Okay, one thing that you also know, you must know, is that there is always an interview, but this interview is for the British national. They want to verify FIA identity. Now I made the application. Greg is the one who sat for the interview. And it was online. It was about, you know, 40,45 minutes, if I’m not wrong. And this is not just an interview to, you know, to verify the identity. They really want to know whether you are legit. So if this is, you know, someone who has come into your life and they’re not the parent of the child, it might be difficult because they will ask details about the chart that they must know. Okay, now, if after the interview they don’t feel like they are satisfied, okay, with your supporting documents or the information that you have provided, they might ask you for DNA testing. In our case, they did not ask us.

In fact, the same day Greg said for the interview, it’s the same day that our application was approved and we had them literally a week later. Okay, because they had to be printed and sent back to Kenya or sent to Kenya in this case, because we didn’t have them initially, right? So it’s very important that every information you provide is truthful. The person who signs for you, make sure they know you, because if they don’t believe that friendship is real, they will call them and they will ask questions about you and about the child or about the father of the child or the mother of the judge that, you know, they might not know. And someone who has known you for 10 years must be knowing. So try to just be as truthful as possible.

Another thing, you do not need a lawyer to do this. We did this ourselves. Okay? But if you need any help, then I can give you a console consultation. You can write to me. The email address is on my profile here or on my Instagram. Ever found that all the past, but.