Indulging in Popeyes and Excitement for Portugal: A Delicious Journey Ahead

Okay, let’s eat some Popeyes together. I saw a girl that she gets the black and chicken tenders with the mashed potatoes and gravy and she kind of dips it looked so freaking good. And I also got the red beans and rice, which I’ve never tried before. And she doesn’t use branch because of the calories. But I just walked three miles, so, and Pope’s ranches, God’s gift to this earth, actually.

And I don’t really like the biscuit. Counsel me if you want. So tonight we’re going to Portugal for, I have four days off. We’re gonna go to Portugal. My friend is gonna come, my friend Anna, she’s flying to come meet me right now as we speak. And I got a pack and leave to the airport in about two hours. I’m really excited to go to Portugal. I’ve always wanted to go. These look so good.

So she said she like put some mashed potatoes. Wait a minute. I have never tried these black contenders. These are so good and juicy. These are so good. Oh, my goodness gracious. Are, is this for real right now? These are so good. I always get the spicy chicken tenders, but the deep fried, it’s really heavy on my stomach. And so this is a great alternative. I’ve never tried the red beans and rice. I just microwave that cuz I walk through miles. Pretty good. Simple. Yeah, elegant. Let’s try the black and chicken tender with the ranch. This is my favorite ranch ever.

Hold on. I think this is my favorite fast food meal. Now. It’s kind of crazy how you’ll feel like the world is ending when you’re going through something and then time passes by and it’s like, oh, I lived through that. I was hysterical for like two weeks for my breakup. And now I’m totally better, completely. I’m still like kind of sad about it, but I now can see clearly and be like, everything happens for a reason. You know, I’m really enjoying my solitude right now. Just being single and like not having to answer to anyone and not have to update anyone on where I’m at or what I’m doing. It’s been really cool. And yeah, I’m going to listen tonight. Maybe I’ll flirt if I’m feeling up to it. If we’re feeling spicy, maybe I’ll have a little flirt with some boys. I don’t think we’re gonna have an issue getting on the flight. It’s kind of full. I think there was 15 seats available last time I checked. I don’t think we will be able to sit together though. But if you guys have not tried these black and chicken tunners, you have to. I’m literally gonna call my mom and tell her about this. My mom loves apples too. Woo. So yeah, I’m just gonna eat.

I still have impact. I don’t know what I’m gonna wear. I was talking to this Emirates flight attendant today and she was like, pack a bunch of clothes to go clubbing. And I’m like, clubbing should, I guess, grow. The clubs in Portugal are so fun. I’m like, I don’t even think I have clothes to go clubbing anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely go to bars, but like clubbing, dresses and skirts. Alright, well, I’m gonna finish this. I hope you guys are having an amazing day. Enjoy your week. Hope something good happens to you this week. And try this, please. I gotta tag this girl because she really ate with this.