Maximizing Your Maya Account: Registration, Upgrading, and Limit Expansion

Hello, I am the brand spokesperson of New World AI. My name is Geneva S. Montecalvo. You can call me Miss Jen. For today, we’ll be discussing on how to register for Maya, how to upgrade your account in Maya, and how to upgrade the limit in your Maya. First and foremost, you have to download the Maya app from the Play Store if you’re using Android phone and App Store. If you’re using apple, install the Maya app in your phone. After that, you have to start an account indicating your name, an email address, follow all the instructions given, and always check all the data personalization. Also type your one time pin to verify.

Now, if you already have an account in Maya, let’s upgrade your Maya account. Go to your my account and click profile, find the upgrade button and be ready with the necessary information. You’re ready with your primary IDS and of course selfie verification. Tap next and complete all the necessary information included and as well as your personal information, you will get the message wherein it indicates your application is now under review. You will get the answer within 48 hours and the earliest one is within one hour. You can now send money, cash in and cash out, and even enjoy the features, including buying the crypto currency.

Now let’s talk about how to upgrade the limit. As we all know, when we register in Maya, our limit is 100 thousands only. How can we make it 500,000? Click savings and also click Start Saving. Now, take check to the statement wherein you’re giving the consent to Maya to certify that all your information is too incorrect. After that, you have to input your one time pin for a verification and you may now deposit your balance. You can go back to your profile page again and click your username. As you can see, your limit from 100,000 becomes 500,000.

Congratulations. When using Maya, you will be able to enjoy higher deposit and withdrawal limits. And there are no handling fees when you withdraw money from New World AI. Explore Maya Payment, enjoy convenient and fast payment services, making your transactions more convenient, faster and safer. If you have any questions, please ask your consultants. Thank you for watching.