Barkley and Shaq: The Dynamic Duo of Comedy

Charles Barkley is one of the funniest people to ever live. To me. I wish he would do comedy. He, he, he went on a rant about how shitty Galveston, Texas, is. Okay. And that was one thing. And the whole time Shack will always just go to him on like it Charles me saying something he knows he shouldn’t say and Shako be like, what else? Keep going, Charles, and they won’t get ended. So he does something, then there’s backlash. And I think maybe, was it Tina Knowles? Was it Beyonce? Mom was like, hey, not too much on Galveston. And then he does another like an apology segment and he goes, I’m so sorry, the people of Galveston. Like I shouldn’t issue on Galveston so hard. And then someone goes, why not, Charles, to make up for it? Or why don’t you go down to Galveston? He goes, I’m not going to go. And excuse me, cuz I’m not quite that dirty as water they call a beach. And it goes again. He goes in again on delamesis. He can’t help himself. I would do anything to be friends with those two.

Man. Yeah, they, they, and when they get an argument with each other, it’s.

Hilarious. They’re so funny together. I literally, I want both of them. I want them to have a, a comedy, a touring comedy show together. I want the two of them to get on stage. And they don’t need to do stand up. I just want the audience to give them prompts and have them talk about it.

I think I would rather hang over shacked and Charles Berkley. Why? I don’t know. Cuz I feel like Charles is a curmudgeon. You.

Don’t like curmudgeons.

I mean, they have their place. Yeah, but they’re never.

Fun. I don’t know. Sometimes you want that person like.

They fun in a roast. What they found when like , these are come out. Yeah, right. They find it like an intervention.

Or like day 3 of a group trip when stuff needs to be said, right? Group vacation when nobody says needs to be.

Said. Hey, listen, that last one was my last one. It’s a wrap on group vacation.