Embracing Faith: A Baptism Celebration with Jesus is Mine

For the 61 stage. Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead? If you do say I do. Really? Do you acknowledge that you were a sinner separated from God and you had need of a personal savior? If you do, say I do.

Hi. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior and repent of your sin? If you do, say I do. Manager, do you intend by God’s Grace, to follow Jesus Christ and serve him for the rest of your life. If you do, say I do. Awesome. So now each of them have come up with a word, but they would like to share with you that finishes the statement, Jesus is mine, blank. We ask them to think about it, to pray about it, to think who is chooses. To me, what word would I want to choose to end that statement? So we’re gonna pass the microphone down and we’re gonna let each of them say their statements.

Jesus is my savior. Jesus is my shield. Jesus is her father. My name is Jesus. By everything, she’s a city machine. Excellent. Oh, we’re gonna have you guys walk down the steps and line up over on the side. Yep, all the way down, all the way across the earth. Keep going, Jack. All the way over. And we’ll have Bethany start right here. Keep going.

Seven right here. Hi. Now we’re gonna have them one at a time going in. The fact, before we do that, we’re gonna pray for all of them because they won’t be able here if we pray for them afterwards. And there is a back changing. So we’re gonna pray over all of our children and then one at a time, we’re gonna have them go into the water. Okay, so can we all close our eyes? Mister James, I’m just gonna take a moment and pray over all of our baptism candidates. That’s great.

We thank you for today. We take a look after this special day where you are able to see your children celebrated among their years ago. As Jimmy said, they’ve already given their life or she was. This is the public Spain. I’ll get commitment for you guys. Happy for your god.

This would mean so much about as we declare, they show you. They show themselves and they show the enemy that they are serious population with yoga. Help us about to be decision as never to convey to him about that. And I created to use gambling that’s encourage appears those who don’t know you are those who make him about that bad times of God that it’s okay to be serious about the relationship with you guy. It doesn’t matter how young they are, they can still be used by you and you especially plan purpose for each one of their lives. Thank you for what you’re gonna do. You’re precious.

Hey man, John Johnson, the third.

Can we give a round of applause to all of our brothers?

Amen. Are you happy? Smile at me then. Come on, smile. God is good all the time. And we’re going to thank them. What’s your name? I always see you here in the front. You’re always praising God. What’s your name? Wait, wait. What? Hold it. Wait. What’s your name? Trey. How old are you, Trey? 9 years old. We got a little worshipper up here. Boy, I’m telling you, tray is the man. So we ready to sing? Come on.