Exploring the World of Mobile App Ordering at McDonald’s: A Sunday Morning Experience

Happy Sunday, everyone. I am at one of my local McDonald’s. I have two of them in my town. And this time I am doing this on my own dime because I have never used an app to buy food before or place an order. I’ve only ever done it online. And I have heard that it’s a smoother transaction if you order on the app. And I personally just wanna know what that’s like. So I placed my order on the app. I was surprised, and thanks to many of you for commenting that there are deals if you order on the app, like significant deals. And so I place my order on an app, the McDonald’s app, for a sausage, egg and cheese Mcmuffin and a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a hash brown. And my total was like cut in half compared to what it was last Sunday when I came here. So I just wanna see how smooth this is and we’ll go from there.

I’m sure I’m not the only one. I hope I’m not the only one. I did not use my debit card in this app. I chose to use Paypal cuz I’m weird about all these apps having access to my debit card. So I did not use my debit card. Alright, here we’re about to be at the speaker.

I am. Thanks for asking. The number is VR. Thirty eight Taylor. Yes, ma’am. Okay, thank you. You’re welcome. That was very pleasant. Much better than. What do you want, you know? And then, you know what? I didn’t hear that. Repeat that. I will admit it. That was much smoother than what I’m used to.

It’s pretty busy here this morning, but it is a Sunday morning. There’s two lanes and I’ve got in my lane, which now we’re all merging, I’ve got one, two, three, four. I think I have six to seven cars in front of me. Of course, it wraps around the building, but we’re moving pretty smoothly.

But what I was saying before, if I didn’t get cut off or if I did get cut off, is that this is my first time using a restaurant app of any kind. If I’ve ever ordered on my phone, it’s been, you know, the online ordering, not an ad. I did not feel comfortable adding my debit card to an app I never have. So I use Paypal instead. Crazy thing, one of my TikTok friends sent me a video or tagged me in a video of a Wendy’s. I think it was a Wendy’s using AI to take someone’s order. I’m gonna do a post on that later today because I have warned everyone and I think deep down everyone knew that AI and robots would be taking over certain tasks that, you know, humans used to.

But as much as I hate it, I almost can’t blame them because the ad, the, the, I’m sorry, the AI was so pleasant and accurate. And, you know, no one was arguing over the intercom. And, you know, it was so pleasant and easy and just move things along. There was no human error or human stupidity, which was quite nice. But I also hate it because that’s someone’s job, you know? But if people would just do their jobs, we wouldn’t be being replaced, you know?

Sorry to be a little preachy today, but I don’t want our world to turn into just an automated world. I want person interactions. You know, I do everything alone in life. I want to, you know, I work alone, I live alone. You know, I want to come out into the community and talk to people and interact. I don’t wanna just talk to robots and AI. You know, it, it’s kind of sad. It’s nice to have the accuracy, but I want the human interaction, right? The first window.

I hope all of you all are having a happy Sunday. Did. Yes, I am. Thanks. You too. I was pleasant. All I had to do was roll up to the window and she already made that I had the mobile order and just gave me a paper receipt. Much smoother, but I don’t wanna get used to using mobile apps and ordering everything through AI. I really don’t. I’m enjoying the accuracy and the quickness, but again, the personal interaction is very important, I believe. And I think if we switch to AI and robots, we’re gonna lose that, you know? Well, of course we would. I don’t think we would lose that. How can we develop as humans if we’re just talking to robots all day?

It’s very disturbing, but I really wanted to see how this works. I did. Thank you, dear. You too. So the customer service was great. As much as they could give me. Considering I ordered online, fine. Let’s see if the order is accurate and what it looks like. But again, there was no real interactions with people. It was just, boom, I’ve never had this before, so I’m learning with Yang. Yang probably are way ahead of the game and order through apps all the time. See how me, everything is pan to go. Give my mom the baking egg and cheese biscuit. She’ll love that. Surprise everything. Oh, one of them looks thrown in there, but I’ll decide that in a minute. Right. So I’ve got, it wasn’t, that’s what it looked like in there, right? A lot of bacon. It looks good. The cheese is actually melted. Look at the sausage, egg and cheese one. So cheese is melted. It’s really hot. My hash brown is laying in the bag without a paper on it. Oh, there’s the paper. It just fell out. But it’s crispy and looks good so far without tasting the food, I have to say they did a great job. It was through the mobile app, but I guess this is what our world’s coming to. See y’all later.