Exploring Streets on the AVO1 Proscota: A Scooter Adventure

So the AVO1 Proscota, we’re having a bit of a session on both streets. I’m using opposite side straight. So in as busy, we’re in spot mode right now. There’s a guy we’re baby coming past. I’m just gonna, I’m go first here. Right. So yeah, just checking it that up and that road for a bit of a spin in spot. So just being careful cuz there’s a lot of cars on the street today and they’ll probably end up pulling out at driveways cuz I’ve already first planted road once on a different school cuz I got that from Alibaba, then that would just stay a little cheap Chinese import. So bolts came out of it and I went over angle bars and I ended up face planting. So that’s why you don’t buy cheap scoot as you want a nice reliable scooter so you don’t end up first plan and book.

Like I said, to be fair, it’s my busy today, but it’s actually sound to just be out and riding at school as again, just dividing output of gonna get a slot right away here. So yeah, I’ll pause it in and come back once I’ve come past. So yeah, just nice little spin road seems to be a bit less exigner since I let them past cuz it’s going down a different street and then it’s coming back up this one. So just about waiting really. I’m just gonna float it over here cuz there’s no cars don’t wanna it curb. So just checking it down. I’m gonna get these right away.

So yeah, just this is what I mean. It’s about, I mean, a nice bit of an awake people on estate, I guess, Gus. You know, I’m from left side of this and there, you know, just having a nice night with a however thinks it’s a applicable. So I’m just going back up in spot mode now. And spot mode I think Max have got going down the street is about for a. And that would just full throttle in it from the top. And then to be fair, it was actually stable and really good to handle, to be fair, right? Cuz I find with some overscope as it’s difficult to handle. So there’s a big crowd coming up here. So if they come down there, I’m gonna have to cross over. So you’ll just have to by women a bit while we get this knowing. So I’m just, I’m gonna actually go slow up here cuz there are about 50 people walking up straight. So just following crowd, I guess and cost is a fair overroad. It’s just a bit more ectic. So I’m gonna give everyone right away and I’ll go back down straight and I’ll cross over there because I don’t want to get in people’s wares. So yeah, it’s just about respecting everyone, I guess.

Cuz and then I’m on a scooter and there they’re walking. So just gonna go across the road. I’m walking this time. Sorry if camera is a bit jolter. I just had to cross figure this older person at some space. So, and just following crowd now, I guess. And I guess this video aren’t being really informative, but the rubber tires, they’re not gonna pop easily. And yeah, right. Two seconds. I’ll cut this video here and we’ll do another.