Crushing YouTube Milestones: The Mr. Beast Rewind 2022 Edition

Easily this one wins 25 Milos. Still good. Youtuber rewind 2020. That got it’s over. You know what? I really wish that he’d done a Youtuber rewind in 2022. Cuz potentially, but like 3 seconds, maybe me putting his hundred million playbook in space could have been featured. It’s a personal goal to be on the Mr Beast channel at some point, even if it’s just for like a micro second.

I just technically wanna be on there so I can take it off my list of achievements. But anyway, this one definitely will have done better. Yeah, 69 mil compared to 25 got a score of 4. Flat earth proven by independent research. That must be a really old one. We’ll definitely go with this.

It’s still a 28 million views and it’s such enough thumbnail just taken from Google Images. This is one of the newest ones. It’s definitely over 100 million. Yeah, one, three, six million already. I bought an expensive car using only one dollar bills. We’ll stick with the train one. Yeah, cool.

We’ve got a score of seven. This is very nice. I survived 24 hours straight in ice. We’ve had that one already. I can’t remember.

It got, I feel like it was like 80 million or something. I’m gonna click it. It’s 141. Nice forest 24 in slime. It’s an old video judging by the facial hand. Let’s go for this one. Yeah, we’re good. I panic for a second.

We’re on nine. We’re on nine. It’s going well. Destroying returned rental cars. I don’t remember how many views that had. Think about it.

The Twitch one was on the other side and they won with like 57 million, I think. Let’s go with it, 36 million. I’m so, oh no, god, I just wanna beat Ted. Alright? It’s the only thing I wanted. Life. Okay, this one, the Diamond one. Nice, cool, great stuff.

Keep it moving. The animation’s not moving fast enough for me. Look at that. Yeah, we are aware now. Hit me with the next one. Train easy, dub. Don’t even think about it. Great stuff, Jack.

You got this train? Yes. Back to back train action there. This is what we like to see, a circle. Yeah, we’re flying up the ranks. Let’s get to a score of five. Let’s double that score. Well, I just pull a serial.

Oh, it’s a thinker, but it’s gotta be the circle. 249 million is nothing to be snuffed at. 1 bit 171, though. That’s tough. This video ages 1 to 100, possibly my favorite Mr Beast video.

The recent ones, I’ve really kind of stepped up the storytelling and like the amount of personality that comes through the contestants and the presenters. And I really did enjoy this. I am going to say, though, hundred and 70 ones, tough to be. I think it’s gonna to overtake, but right now it isn’t quite there. It’s overtook.

God, I really want to beat 10. First of all, bank hundred thousands, 24 hours in Area 51. We’ll go to bank here. One for no, that was close. I was really close. I advertised Pewdiepie, the suitable can’t be beaten. 149 million. Yeah, no chance.

No way. Jose, this is tricky. I’ll go to Pewdiepie one. Yep, we’re okay. Doing well. This is good. 20 followers in slime. Was that like 17 million or something?

Oh, man. Go again, Jack. Again, I gave people a million dollars back to back mill spending. Look at that. I think this is one of the biggest of all time. I’m going for it. One, seven, 4, one, six.

We got it, but just by the skin of our teeth. I opened a free car dealership. I think it’s this one, but that’s still 130 million. Outrageous. Hydraulic press versus Lamborghini. Yeah, 19,1 million.

Just everyone wants to see what that looks like around a Marathon in Worlds Out of shoes. I don’t think that could be nearly 200 million. It’s still on one 40 million, though, Christ. Rocket League in real life. That’s got it. Definitely the Marathon. Yeah, 28 mill we are curse.

I don’t know how we’ve not beaten 10 yet. Don’t any hundred thousand dollars to run a fortnight streamer. Yeah, Easy, 51 million. Then giving 10,000 presents to kids for Christmas. It looks newer than this one.

I feel like he’s consistently getting way more than 50 million. So I will click it. 61 million. Come on, giving my 10 million subscriber 10 million, I think it was pennies potentially.

So if you only had 10 million subscribers at that point in time, he surely had like 30 million at least when this picture of him was taken. So I’m gonna go that one, 28 mil. Look at that. That’s crazy. Brought a score of 8. I really wanna mess this up.

This is an easy 1,200 mil. Come on. Let’s get to Ted. I spent 50,000 on lottery tickets and one that 200 million is insane. Yep, easy. Okay. If I get this, I’ve beaten my score. Pulling cars over using a toy police car.

So it’s another quite old one. And a lot of those old ones are on like 20,30 million. So this is tough. It’s what Doug always, I don’t know. I am going to click. It’s all right. Now this, the lottery tickets. Yes, we beat our ice score.

It continues. Last till it. Take your hand off the house. Keeps it. Probably wins our. Yes, keep it. Move. And we’re on 12.

Let’s get to 50. Let’s get to 20. Let’s just see what happens. Very nice. I opened the world’s first free stop. Na, na, na, na, na, 188 million. That is beautiful. Spending 24 hours in a city with no laws.

Probably similar views. I’m gonna go with the free stop. It’s over. But we did it. We got to 40. We beat my record. So I could safely add the video. Thank you very much for watching.

The game will be LinkedIn. The description, if you wanna check it out, make sure you subscribe to Jackson’s stuff. And I’ll see you later. Look, I’ve got a new camera. Does it look good? That. Thanks, everyone.