Analyzing the Evolution of MrBeast’s Challenge Videos: From Don’t Subscribe to Massive View Counts

If you click this video, I’ll give my friend 0.01 dollar. So what’s cool about that video is I think it came after the don’t subscribe challenge that he gave me where he was giving me one cent for every subscriber I got on a random channel. So I feel like the concept was tested on my channel and then eventually it became this huge video itself that presumably has 188 million views. So when you think about it, I indirectly contribute to that. Then a few months after that, he did a subscribe, and I’ll give one sense to charity, which once again is kind of like the don’t subscribe challenge, which came first.

And then since then other Youtubers like Ryan Train have done the exact same formula for their series too. So when you think about it, it’s all about me. But going back off that Tangent, this video is gonna do better than the pushing the car thing, let’s say. Hundred and eighty eight million. Yeah, I mean, there’s a giveaway in the submit this time.

24 is the most hopeless on earth. Hundred and eighty eight million. Tough to beat there. Alright, come on. We need to keep going.

I bet William cuz chopped off factory that was quite recent did really well. 2 hundred twenty six million. Jeez. Okay. Tipping waitresses with real gold bars. I don’t really. I’m gonna go with the 226 mill. I think 67 mill.

Make an effort. I’ll get out of bed for 67 mill. This is that video where he changed the thumbnail like 12 times because the video was underperforming. But I reckon an underperforming video for Mister Beast these days is still far better than 67 million.

So I’m gonna look at, yeah, it’s got 118 mill now. So it looks like this last full mail worked. This is a really new one. I think they’ve all just been like really popping off recently. So I’m gonna click it. 280 million. Jesus Christ. I gave my credit card to random people.

Now you can’t be 280 million she keys. I broke into a house. That’s not a great title, is it? I’m sure it’s still got more views than this entire channel. But truly, we need a.

I broke into a house and gave them all my money, you know, that kind of thing. Either way, I’m gonna go with the credit card one. Oh, it’s kind of close. Yep. Hundred and thirty nine million.

Is that more views than the entire dress success stuff channel. No, it isn’t. But I’ve still only barely got double on this whole channel watching Dan, still you’re dead for 10 hours.

This is, I think that’s the first Mr Beast video I ever watched. I think it’s less than 100 million. So let’s see. Yeah, 52 million. Cuz it is back in 2017, I believe. Let’s say Ramen Noodle pool wins $20,000.

$20,000 isn’t nothing these days for a Mr East video, but still, 52 million. I’m gonna go with this one. Yes, 67 million, right? We’re currently matching our high score. I went back to Boy Scouts for a day. Doesn’t have much facial ass. It’s quite an old one.

I don’t think that’s as interesting on a mass scale as people sitting in noodles. So I’m gonna go with the noodle one. I was wrong. Don’t bang your head again, Jack. It’s not worth it. I’m getting applause this time. Thank you. Thanks very much.

Appreciate it. But we’ve not been our high score, so it’s time for a speed run.

I open the world’s cheaper store saying Pewdiepie hundred thousand times. Let’s go to Pewdiepie one. Oh, that’s low. Okay, great. Little speed run from me.

Then Speeder’s video and speeder, I’m welcome up to random people with hundred star drivers buying everything in the store. We’ll go to the store. One that’s looking good, 19 million. Come on. Returning to straud rental cars prank will stick with the store. One. Yeah, we got old videos here.

10,000 dollar game of rock, paper, Scissors, $10,000. Suggest this is an old video. Gonna, I’m gonna take a little bit of gamble. But then he was really known for doing the Twitch donations, wasn’t he?

Sort, do you know what I’m going with this one? Wrong call. Excellent news. And we’re off again. I want to beat 10. I give $20,000 to random homeless people. Anything you can fit in the circle, I’ll pay for. Definitely.

One of the big ones, 249 million there. Keep it going. Come on. I put 10 million Legos in my friend’s house. No, don’t bother. Just shove stuff in a circle instead. We are better than dude. Perfect. Easily this one wins 25.