3 Apps for Finding Flexible Work: Bacon Bacon, Shift, Winolo

Are you looking for extra money, maybe temporary shift work? If so, I have three apps for you. The first app is called Bacon Bacln. It’s an on demand staffing app where you can find work in various industries. You can find work in warehousing, catering, general labor or cleaning. You must be 18 years old or older, and you must be able to pass the background check. So what you do is download the app, find a shift, work a shift and get paid the same day and rinse and repeat. But when you want to. The second app is called shift. Now this app connects people looking for flexible work with businesses in the hospitality industry. So what you’ll do is download this app, find a shift, work a shift and get paid. What kind of jobs do they offer? Dishwashers, servers, event servers, bussers. Now, you typically get paid in 48 hours after completing your shift, but they have an instant pay feature. However, if you take instant pay, it’ll charge you 3%.

The third app is called Winolo, offers flexible work in retail delivery, in warehousing. You’re gonna download the app, create a profile, and then start looking for work. You must be authorized to work in the United States, and background checks may be required depending on the assignment. You get paid between one to five days after completing your shift. They do offer direct deposit or they’ll pay you on a debit card.