The Adventures of Miss Dolly: A Date with a Dump Truck and TikTok Tales

Y’all not gonna believe this. Part 2 of the dump truck. Okay, so we’re at the restaurant, we’re at the door. He’s taking the last funk. Well, another funk call. And this time he said he’s busy. He’s in the middle of something, right? And I’m smiling and saying, it’s okay.

Cuz ultimately it is okay. I mean, I’m trying to meet and get to know this guy and he’s showing me who he is. So we, he gets off the phone. We get inside and we sit down. We get seated. The server, she comes over. She’s lovely. She gives our menus.

We each order a, you know, us. I get a sweet tea, gets a water. We both ordered a seafood meal and it was very nice and the conversation was fabulous. I could probably sit and talk to this guy for a couple of hours and not be bored with him. He’s certainly a good conversationalist, intelligent and nice looking guy.

But it’s still in the back of my mind about this woman, Colin, over and over again. Right. And I’m not saying anything about it because I have no right to quiz him, right? I mean, Lord, I just went on a coffee date or a lack of, but, you know, stood up on a coffee date. So I, I get it.

I get, you know, we’re both single, but he’s talking to her while he’s on a date with me. And her calling like that makes me think that, you know, maybe she’s kind of, you know, like a wild animal peeing on a tree, you know, laying our territory kind of thing. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the first time that he’s been out of her sight and so she’s wanting to make sure she’s in his view. I, I don’t know, but it just seemed a little much to me.

It seemed like a bit much. And, but I wasn’t, you know, not enough to get up and say, I’m done, I’m going home, I’m not dealing with you. But it had crossed my mind when we got out of the Uber, I thought, you know, I can’t. I don’t wanna be, but I would be a real and just Colin Uber and get back in it and leave, you know, and let him figure out how to get a mile back down the road to his dump truck if this goes south here. Because this woman that keeps calling on the phone.

Right. Because I wasn’t offended that he answered the phone. It was that over and over. I mean, it just, I wanna tell you, that phone rang seven total times and he answered it several times. A couple of times he didn’t answer it.

He’d turn it off and she’d call right back because each time that he’d reach down there and, you know, click it to silence it, another minute would go by and he’s like, I’m sorry, do you mind? And he’d answer like, so I now that I’ve slept on it, I wonder, were they having an argument? And he was saying, because the things he would say, his answers or whatever was being said was very vague. You know, it wasn’t a detailed conversation. It was not.

Sure. I think you got your wires crossed and he told me it was about an electrical problem. But afterwards, you know, of course, maybe I’ve got too much time on my hands, I’m overthinking it.

But those are some of the things that I might say to a partner if I was at work and they were wanting to have an argument on the phone and I’m in front of my boss and I got. I think you got your wires crossed. I’m right in the middle of something saying you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Could arguing with me. Yeah, you know, I’m at work. You know, you’ve all had those conversations before where you’re trying to put on a good face for something. But the back to back calling may, now that I slept on it, I’m a little more concerned about it, that maybe that was really an argument happening and he was playing it off that she had an electrical issue. And I’m so I’m in the air and me just wondering about it is kind of a red flag.

But, and other than that, our conversation was fabulous, absolutely fabulous. And I, I could, I don’t know, I don’t wanna say there wasn’t a romantic connection or that there was because that sort of clouded the whole thing. But I did enjoy his company. Well, regardless of what level of enjoyment, whether it’s a romantic enjoyment of company or it was a friendly enjoyment or interesting, you know what I mean? It was still an in joyable conversation. He certainly is a good conversationalist.

And so now we’re leaving. He paid the check now, of course, I paid for the Uber over there cuz it was my idea to solve it, right? And I, we get up, we’re gonna leave. I push my Uber app to order our Uber and we get out by the front door. And he says to me, well, what do you wanna do us?

So, well, we probably gotta wait right here. Our Uber, your driver will be right here. And I’ve seen that they were just two minutes away this time.

So I said they’re literally probably right here at this intersection. And so our Uber pulls in and I said, I really had a nice time. Thank you for dinner. You know, I’ve really enjoyed your company. And we get in, the Uber pulls up.

And now I wanna make mention that the first Uber driver, she knew me. I, because look, for really all Uber ought to be paying me as a spokesperson cuz I, I, we’re getting an Uber hot quick and fast. Not scared of that Uber app. And cuz I don’t drink and drive and under no circumstance I won’t get in a car with someone that I suspect has had a cocktail. I won’t, if I, even if I don’t, if I’m not drinking and I think it’s late at night and I wanna be driving at night, I will take an Uber.

I, you know, I’ll ride an Uber Quick. And so the first Uber driver has driven me before. And she get in and when she picked us up at the dump truck, she said, I wonder why Nastali was out here cuz they can tell exactly where you are. When we did get in the car, she said, I wonder why Miss Sally was out here way in the middle of this parking lot. Okay.

And I said, yeah, our chariot is a dump truck this evening. So we decided that you should take us. That was our chit chat on the way there. Right. But he didn’t ask anything about that because she had every reason to, you know, he had every reason to believe that on my phone, she knew that she was picking up a woman named Dolly.

Right? So it did was an alarm. And I might mention that he has told me in the past that he doesn’t have TikTok and that he is not informed enough, but a little bit concerned about all these government issues with TikTok that didn’t have a strong opinion one way or the other, but that he wasn’t on TikTok.

So I felt like it was an opportunity for me to get to know him without sharing. I’m on TikTok, so I, of course I would share it, but not before I met him. You know, I mean, I, it’s nice to have someone who doesn’t know that because I do deal with a lot of folks who go the extra mile to meet me just because I’m not folks, but guys through the dating app. And there are sole purposes. She’s on TikTok and it’s a little unnerving.

Anyway, so it was a nice, it was refreshing that he didn’t have any connection to TikTok. So now we’re outside. I thanked him for dinner and I really have enjoyed our conversation.

The phone calls from the friend, girlfriend has stopped and or he has turned his phone off. One of the two, I don’t really know which. And then we get in the car and as soon as we got in the car, the Uber driver, she turns around and said, girl, I know you. Hey, Miss Dolly, how are you? I said, hi.

She said, oh, I’m so excited. She said, I knew that you take Ubers a lot around here. I, that I do. And he’s looking, he said, what? And I said, and so he starts asking questions.

And of course, we’re only going a mile, so I said, he doesn’t know that I’m on TikTok. And she said, oh, you don’t. And then it kind of clicked. Miss Dolly’s on a date. She’s, I am so sorry. I said, no, it’s okay. I say, we just haven’t had that conversation yet.

But, and he’s like, what does she talk about? And so then she tells my date, she’s says, oh, you’re gonna love her. Miss Dolly’s fabulous. And isn’t that not, she’s gushing. And I’m like, I appreciate that.

You know, I really do appreciate shape the love that I get from folks that I meet. And so he’s like, what is all this? I said, I’ll explain as soon as we cuz again, Romeo Milo way we get there. And he said, let, let, why don’t you tell me what all that was about? And so we said.

In his dump truck. Yes. And it was a climb cuz I got little sandals on and I’m all looking cute, you know? But I get up in this dump truck and we sit in the dump truck and we talk for probably an hour. And I shared with him about my TikTok and he shared with me a little bit about his, you know, him, but being in the dump truck, why and how the it’s happened and all of his, with the dump truck, all very reasonable, admirable as far as, you know, he’s running a business.

Good for him. And so I don’t. I’m not taken away from him showing up in a dump truck. It is a little strange. But you know what? If he wanted to, he would. Here we are. It applies, right?

So I’m not gonna take away from his effort that he’s in dump truck still. The girl on the phone, a little red flag. And I explain all of it to him and he’s like, what is it about? What is your TikTok? And I told my, I actually run a boutique online. I sell these clothing and some interesting households.