Lemon Goat Cheese Zucchini Pasta with Fresh Basil and Parmesan – A Quick and Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe

So I’m just shredding my zucchini into my oiled pan. I’m gonna toss in some garlic cloves, give it some extra flavor. There. I have a 4 ounce block of soft goat cheese. So yummy, so creamy. Look at that. Delicious.

I have a lemon and I’m just gonna zest some of this lemon right into our skillet here. I love the smell of the fresh lemon. Oh, my gosh. So great. And this is a fresh lemon from my neighbor’s tree. So amazing. They definitely taste better than the strawbat. I agree with that.

Definitely. Then I’m gonna take that same lemon and we’re just gonna squeeze the juice right on in. Wow, that was a juicy one. I have some chickpea pasta. Yeah, so fancy. I’m just trying to have a little healthier option here. 8 ounce box and I have some vegetable broth.

This is a 32 ounce curtain. I’m gonna do half of this curtain right in there. It’s about 2 cups. So vegetable broth, it’s gonna help cook this chicky pasta up. Wonderful.

I’m gonna season this up with a little bit of garlic powder, get this all nice and flavorful, some onion powder, and I’ve got some Italian herb. Who? I love that one. So great finder. That’s these nice little chunks. Yes, right in there. Fantastic. Alright, we’re just gonna give this all a nice little toss together.

We want these noodles to get submerged into this broth. Oh yeah, look at that. It’s already starting to cook up. Okay, so we’re gonna go ahead and cover this up and let this pasta cook. Oh, wow, look at that. This became super nice and creamy. Let’s give this a stir.

So this was not cooking for very long. Cuz this chickpea pasta doesn’t take long at all. Probably just about 10 minutes or so. I love how quick and easy that dinner. Super quick. Super easy. Let’s get this goat cheese all combined in here.

Okay, so before we serve it up, I’m gonna bring in some fresh basil. Such a great little addition, great flavor. Let’s just take some snips of that right on top. It’s gonna go really well with this goat cheese. It smells so great. Does smell amazing. Wonderful. Okay, let’s go ahead and take a scoop.

Mummy, look at that. Beautiful. Okay, and on my serving, I am gonna put on some Parmesan cheese.

You could of course use whatever kind of cheese you like or don’t put any additional cheese at all. Probably do some mozzarella. Yum. Okay, let’s go ahead and try a bite. Very steamy. I’m very excited. Okay, of course.