Empathy and Understanding: Insights on Endometriosis and Male Perspective

So we just make sure it’s connected. Should feel like a really small team. So this is a level. I don’t like this all. I forget that a lot. Toronto. Okay. I’m more yourself present. It’s almost like it’s not the orange cheese. It’ll come in waves. Okay. Similar to period hate twice. Goes down and then it gets you have so go to a 5. So this is when I treat changes frequency. Yeah, to be more like a crown. Yeah, so it’s deeper in the muscle. So we’ve done this like, well, we stop counting at around 2,000 time. Okay, and people with the period generally say that a 7 would be a typical period, a typical. So 5 is nothing. No, I would be like a good day. I was like, oh, how do you focus at all? We don’t. How do you do any of them? We don’t. We suffer. It’s island. I drink stacks. Can I go to a 6? Yeah, yeah, I have to at least get to myself. So people with interview sterosis generally get to attend and say like this normal but bad day. Yeah, 0,7. Yeah, I love that everyone starts up. What do you do for work? You know what? I’m a sound technician. Okay. So on your feet. Oh, yeah, yeah, all time. Take a phone call, conducting meetings, none of that. Yeah, that being a nice person in general. I mean, I try and do that every day. Alright, Emily. Yep. So this would be, you can feel it in my legs. So common symptom. So for men, generally, it goes a little bit more down the front. Separate women is a little bit more down the back. So you have a nerve that. Yes, yeah. Sciatica. Yes. Oh, alright. Is a 9. So this is in that severe period pain like your partners are. And like last week was the first time in my entire life that I ever went cuz I was just like, I shouldn’t have to stay here for you. And my boss is cool with it. But yes, I didn’t feel comfortable for over a decade. Go home. Do you wanna? Which is why we’re doing this. This is empathy, right? Right. So it spreads awareness. And I mean, though you told us that you consider yourself an empathetic partner, but does this change your mind? I don’t think it’s just there. I knew. I know how tough she is, the kind of state that she gets into when this is happening. I understand. I mean, I don’t. So now you can, do you have a better understanding of, yeah, daily and then it comes with a myriad of other symptoms. So headache. Yes, exactly. Nausea, liking chronic sweating.

I’m, you might as well go up to 10. You’re like, okay, I mean, I gotta complete a process. Good for you. Yeah, that’s not fun. Finding whatever. Well, some people aren’t weird stuff. It’s true. We’ve had a couple of those. Can’t, we can’t put them on the internet. Yeah, it’s my name is. I’ll let you pass that.

Yeah, really though. Final thought. Crazy. Yeah, final thought. Tell me. Feeling. It’s crazy and it’s. I’m glad that we’re getting into a place where it’s more awareness to, especially the male gender, male side of things. Cuz I would have never thought of this until I met her and started dealing with the endometriosis and all that kind of stuff. That’s unbelievable when women have to do and we’re expected to do on a regular basis for the last couple hundred years. Thousand. While keeping a straight face, right? No, I couldn’t imagine. Thank you so much. Thank you.