The Tree of Life: Embracing Nature’s Wisdom and God’s Promises

Did it, did it do this tree talk about life? Yeah, it does. Because God got trees. He made trees, right? So I don’t know what John told me I need to love.

Tree hug tree. Hug the tree. Oh, gave the tree. Get out of warmo. Oh, man, that tree, that delicious. Oh, come on now. Give me another one. That tree. Do it again. Oh, my goodness.

You heard me say love the tree, hug the tree. Remember the tree is the life. Remember the tree is the remembrance of life. Because God said, I promise you the tree to always give you what you need with all of the fruit, all of the grain, even if you need some kind of wonder breeze of the winter ring, you can get it from the tree. You love that tree that much? That tree. Is that important to you. You wish you could stay in the tree all day?

Oh, man, I love that tree, too, man. Hold up. You know what? Hold my phone. Thank you, bro. I wanna get in the treat, too. You know, I’m a clean treat, comma. I got it. Look, God say, look that when you can’t get it the first time, keep going. Okay, look at this. Oh, now I’m in the tree. Now. We love our tree. The tree is a tree of life. Nature is everything. I appreciate you, bro. Now you gotta remember, y’all, the tree is the best everything.

Cuz, look, holding on to what God promises, you always know that’s all you need, the tree, the outside nature, breeze. When anything get rough of you thinking, you leave a building scene where you always have the remembrance of a tree. So what you say about that tree again, you got hugging kiss it. Oh, man. Say that again. Got it. Give me one more again. You gotta hug it and kiss it. Let me see that hug again.

Oh, man. Let me hug the tree, too. I can’t just be saying that. That’s the tree right there. The tree is the tree of life. So the tree of life.

Yeah, this guy, remember can I can jump down by myself? Oh, okay. Let me see. You won’t. They don’t camera. Let’s see. Okay, let’s see if you can do it. How you need to do this right now. Figure it out. Gotta use that upper body strength. Gotta use that upper body string. Let’s see. Come on now. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. Oh, come on. Is almost there. You need a little boost. Yeah, so you always can get a little help. Say, remember, I got you. Come on. All right. I got you. There we go, bro. Appreciate you. Now I was, did that. Okay. Now you know how we end it.

Now, do you have any father? Do you have a father? I said, do you have any father? I said, do you have the father? I said, do you have any father? I said, do you have a father? Thank you for another day. Thank you for another day. And thank you for the trees. Thank you for outside and everything.

Thank you for trees. Thank you for outside and everything. See, we love y’all, but we love God more. The God show us the beautiful life of being free with the mind. Yeah, with the mind, right? So we love y’all. I will come here, bro. Please.

People ride his bike. I can I get it out today? Yeah, really?

Pretty sazy. So yeah, y’all remember the tree love guy? Get you a prayer in you can be free from all the lives in the atmosphere and everything. And that’s what’s important. So appreciate you, bro. All right.

Now I just want to let you all know that the whole importance is to be free from all that allies. I told you love the nature breeze. Now, little William, sometimes he’s not happy. But see, he came over there cuz, you know, I give him happy joy. No separation of color, cuz that’s what they are putting out here. You know, the kids see this. So if you’re saying that you are really somebody for God and you’re all on TikToks and all of that, you’re saying black lives and all of that. What do you think the key is gonna see? You’re supposed to be helping the kids, right? Any color. All right. So remember the tree? It’s a tree of life. Hold up now. Y’all see me at that phone? Let’s see what I can do. Hold on now. Let me keep the. Hold on look. Oh, no, look, guys. And shoulders they come in my Jesus lives now. Come on, y’all. See how fast I do that, right?

Get y’all example how I climb a tree. Case you wanna go tree climbing? Well, oh, you already know how I go cuz that’s I go up from the squeeze to the gate steady, collecting my faith. Homeless has showed me the pain. Look at you. We’re not the same. You people did it for fame. I do not have diamond change. Y’all have to show me my brain. Presidents are playing games. Vaccines you out of your brain. You see how life really changed. All of these big hurricanes dominant. Shows you the way guy here to say for we say church has to take all your change, robbing you out of your brain. It’s time to strap it for you know what I’m saying? Cuz that’s. I go. I love Yodo the tree. I love you. See you later. Why? As an ally. I appreciate you. I 29.