Title: Lessons Learned and Challenges Faced at the School Athletics: A Mother’s Reflection

Yes, hi. Hello. Let me tell you about my day. Sorry, Anna had her like school districts athletics today. So it’s like their third one they’ve done like a school and another one.

And this one they had the relay and it was the end of the day and went to go watch it and I was just like, super tough. So tough with herself. Like she’s made it this far through. She’s such a have a go. Kids like, you know, and shouldn’t do little ask or anything like that.

They barely didn’t need training or anything. So, you know, just happy to be here. They run the race. They come, sir. Incredible.

Amazing they didn’t make it through cuz they’ve only, the first two did. But they got a ribbon. And I can see the kids after the race going to get the ribbon.

They look chopped as happy as great then all of a sudden and welcomes running over to me bowling her eyes out like snow. I’m talking like she’s upset. So we walk off and I’m trying to work out what’s going on.

And she’s like, you know, we didn’t make it through. And I stuffed up. And I’m like, maybe stuffed up, sweetie. I’m like, you know, you did so well. Like, you know, you should be super proud.

And then one of the other girls comes over to check she’s okay. And she’s like, oh yeah, like this guy is was yelling and swearing at us and I was like, sorry, what, sorry, what’s going on? And I have walked back over to where the other parents were. My mom was there, too. They’re all talking about it.

Kids come over and told them that, yeah, this dad had, you know, basically just lost you , saying that someone had like overstepped and was like arguing, but like yelling at the kids and swearing at the kids and was like, you know, apparently had a video or something. And he’s like, what you did? And I was like, so who? Which one? I’m like, keep putting out for me.

Everyone else, like all the other parents, like, leave. Don’t worry about it. Like, let’s not worry about, you know, we’re done for the day. Like, let’s guard. And I was like, no, I’m like, I’d like to have eyeballs on the person that yelled at my child’s SWAT them and made them cry.

But, you know, first of all, we just want to make sure the kids are okay. We, you know, we assured them they had done nothing wrong regardless of whether someone had like overstepped line or something. I’m like, that’s a, that’s completely separate issue. I’m like, cuz if that did happen, I mean, it hadn’t been called, but even if it had been, Dems to break, like this stuff happens. Like we learn from those mistakes.

Do you know what I mean? Like that’s a completely separate issue. Yelling and swearing at children and making them cry. Not cool. But anyway, we sort of gathered all our stuff and we’re like, yeah, you know, relieve, not worth it.

But I’ve been leaving my mom’s like, oh, that’s the guy. And I was like, and you know, I cannot hear the judge much, but when I tell you that he was giving a vibe, like a known to police vibe kind of vibe. Anyway, we got all that stuff, you know, we left and whatever. But when I tell you, when I bought that guy on the way out, like, you know, I think the only thing stopping me from giving him a peace of my mind and going up to him and being like, excuse me, do we have a problem? Like, is there a problem?

Yeah, is mostly because I don’t wanna get trouble from our sports teacher, not any other reason. Cuz I can tell you right now, like this is a message for the smallest man who ever lived. If you think it’s cool or okay or like, I just don’t know what crosses people’s minds to think that you can yell and swear at 10 year old girls. Anyone? Like I’m getting real sick a man.

I’m getting real sick a man. But anyway, that was my day. And Annabel is fine. She’s had a laugh. We’ve had a conversation.

You know, she understands that, you know, sometimes, more often than not, ten year old girls know how to act and behave and what is appropriate more than grown US men. And unfortunately, that’s a lesson that I’m gonna have to continue to keep instilling in my kids, into my girls, because. Yes, anyway.