Review and Overview: The Solar Bluetooth Device F88 | Features, Sound Quality, and Battery Life Assessment

This is not a toy car, but a Bluetooth wireless device from half and without. Muxin is very simple. Yes, this is not heavy as I guess it’s not a heavy device, guys. I guess like this is my right hard. Basuh.

Oke Google jenuh abses azwa. H so we have. Udah cakep kaisi cadu ubah isoma cavo smartphone Android cara oke. So. This is how is this like? So the forum. And this is a solar device. This is a solar Bluetooth device. And it’s cool, guys. Okay, so let’s see what we have here with the down. Okay, so we have the beauties and then the UFA and everything down here. I think the task, the role, and I think, alright, so this just abuse device from half. This is F 88. So let’s send this device on and note that this device is a brutal device supports FM and they type in ourselves. So with the effort comes with its own antenna and this also serves as a stunt to just put on your phone to just watch movies as well. Okay, so just show you right here. So yes, to be something like this. Wow, to watch movies. Okay, so now less than this spice on from this side.

Okay, before we turn on that, as I was saying is support ID card pen drive, and then the DC is here, the power on and it comes with buttons. Okay, so we have the buttons right here. We have the one for flashlight, volume up, volume down, and then we have the changing menu, pause and play. So much. Pas mau disukai. Platform, more Morson will become right here on this platform less than its own right here, Bluetooth melt. So this is a, as you ahead, the sound is way much bigger and ask suggestions. Light is on. So it comes with its own feature. I can just turn off the light right here. You get stuff and hood. Okay. Oh, we just stop on it. Once you have this cool light as your song, your favorite song plays as well. Okay, so this is 4, the F88. Okay, so it’s up and hold to just 108 off. Alright, now the device is on. Where is going to test for the speakers. We know it comes with once we can end it on UFA. Okay, so let’s give it a try and then see how best the device is with Italian and then how long is does my review will become right here as well. So just keep watching the video just like and then let’s listen to some songs. Ngawi akun itu chick. Level dow awah. Device. So. We have film wan.

Q memandang oh di kost gue. ไอน้องมันน่ารีบติดลายกลับสู่จีนเมียแกว่งก็มี. Apa namanya diana? Bisa sampai 3 bus yang cuma indo ekonomi sampai sampai itu dia minim now. Not to my meaningful. I won’t fly away.

So outside, this device is very cool, guys. The base is awesome. They turn out everything west perfectly. I really loved a song and I think I really wanna be great before my past sounds. I really wanna be great before another. It is more work to be done as well. You see the basis school, although, but not that much as we sometimes waste our British speaker to be their sound, you know, because of how it is modeled. The base really don’t come out as we all expect, but with the base audience, give it 7 over 10. Okay, the speakers are everything 7 over 10. Alright, so looking at the speaker, how it sounds is good when you are far, you be able to hear it out playing and then you behave to, we start to enjoy it as well. Okay, so as we play, okay, in my review with the battery life and then also with the Bluetooth and then also it’s body as well over there. Body is cool. And then with a solar panel, Aspha 90 video. And then let’s continue with that one. So as I use this device for some time, well, the charging the device will take like one and a half to 2 hours, 1/2 to 2 hours. Just charge the device. After charging, you’ll be able to play songs at a height volume for like four to six hours as it is stated, write on its own case. Okay, so it’s kind of with some manual as 10 as everything about the device and this ticket does can last for that’s our. Okay, so sure as I check, I verify and 4 to 6 hours this device will go off at that high zone. So considering it reduce the volume to half the volume. Okay, half that one would at least give that give you that long lasting batch you okay, so yeah, consider one as well. So the solar after charging this device, direct sunlight, given that direct sunlight for like 30 hours and turn it on to play, it doesn’t like it doesn’t last night, let’s say 1 hour for each just 10 again. Although when I just turn connected to my device issue 60% chart. Okay, but as I play, you know, it doesn’t work that way for the solar may charge its doba, not like how you charge with your on normal Android charge. Okay, so charge list with electricity is better done using the solar.

And with this whole device, I would say 8 over 10 is just a good put device. I love it so much with the avoided text or do I should I am just as pattern more like a day taking me through the whole day would be better. So half should wake only get us long lasting batteries in this device. The way is cool. The design is very perfect. You can see how this cast looks like. Everything perfect with their body. Yeah, yes. Hoping for a long lasting battery in this device. It’s very great having this enjoying beat, enjoying sound gets acquired today when you visit Brutus Connection. So time meters range is considerable for this device.