Embracing the Highs and Lows: A Reflection on Chasing Dreams and Finding Strength

So, I just wanted to talk about something while it’s fresh on my mind. I’m currently in LA. Can I do in the top 20? Which is so weird. That’s even a thing. Every human being that I’ve met on the show is so talented. I don’t even understand. So I seriously am so humbled and grateful to even be at this point of the competition. But I’m currently in my bed in a hotel, in a room by myself because my roommate got sick. So I wouldn’t get say. But today was a really rough day. And a lot of people that know that I’m on the show have been like, oh, my gosh, like, that’s so amazing. Wow, your life is so cool. Like, and don’t get me wrong, this experience has been amazing and I seriously feel so blessed. But it’s so hard. Everybody is so good and it’s so easy to just look around and compare myself and to just feel like, but I really am so grateful. But I also just, I think that a lot of times, people that are chasing their dreams or that are passionate in pursuing something. All you really see on social media is like the highlights and the cool things and like all the big moments and you don’t see the behind the scenes. Oh gosh, like the behind the scenes of my mascara on my face from crying today.

Behind those big moments are lots of little moments of insecurities and doubts and stress and just lots of hard things that I think every one of us goes through. And I don’t. I feel like we don’t talk about those as much, and I hate that we just show that the good amazing parts because I feel like then we put this unrealistic expectation on ourselves to always feel that way and always have those things and do not ever have lows.

But if I’ve Learned anything in my 27 years of life, yes, I’m. It’s that the human experience boiled down as just a series of highs and lows for every single human being, regardless of status, occupation, anything, really. That’s all it is, just highs and lows. And our experience on this earth is just how we react to those highs and lows.

And so when I’m in these low moments, like now, just feeling stressed and overwhelmed and insecure and just lonely and just kind of freaked out, I just remember why. And I feel grateful to even have the opportunity to be where I’m at, to feel stressed and overwhelmed and not good enough because I’m surrounded by incredible people who push me to be better and inspire me. And so I just want anybody out there who’s maybe going do something similar to remember that if you’re feeling that way, it’s probably because you’re pushing towards something better and that it’s okay to have lows because it makes the high moments that much better. And loads are inevitable. They’re gonna come. You can avoid them, but highs are also gonna come to. And so just remember that. Remember what you’re working toward and remember why you’re in this low point and that it’s shaping you for something bigger. And I’m kind of just telling myself this cuz I did not believe any of this earlier today, but as I thought about it, I really do believe it. And I think that it’s important that we are okay with always feeling successful and cheaper all the time because that’s realistic. So if anyone is struggling out there, I feel you. It’s freaking so hard. But hang in there because it’s worth it and you’re strong and you’ll get through it and we can do it. I need to go wash this mascara off my face and go to bed. Bye.