Debunking Misinformation in Comic Book Videos: The Importance of Fact-Checking and Critical Thinking

Real quick, do not go on other people’s video tagging me saying, oh, my God, king Lion. Is this true? First things first. If you as an individual were 1, they don’t show the effect. 2, everything you look and even actual comic book panel, but you choose to just believe what’s being told to you, then that is on you. I am not gonna sit here and go pays to page to pay, confirming what is and what is it.

For instance, Godspeed. Once defeated multiple flashes and nearly killed Barry in battle, only being stopped after Reverse Flash ripped his body in half. They didn’t even the same comic. First of all, you showed this game like Godspeed was out here fighting multiple flags. That’s not what happened. They were all being mind controlled by Gorilla Gross. The flash issue 43, like you took the cover of a comic book without words. You literally took a comic book page for the front cover with no words. Godspeed wasn’t fighting multiple flashes it. They were all fighting one Barry Allen. And then when it came to this scan right here, bro, that’s flash issue set to issue 8, in which when that happened, it was Kid Flash, the newest Kid Flash, who stepped in and helped Barry Allen. And then this right here. Zoom killing. Godspeed. Need to save the flash. That’s not what happened. They had just got through working together. Bro was trying to figure out who could, who killed his relative. And he was all like, oh, that was me.

Boom. Like you could have Google that. Ultimately, this is y’all fault. This is an AI generated page. This person does not make these videos. This person almost has 100,000 followers. And it’s sad because none of y’all read the raw material. This is an AI generated page. Nothing on this page is real because he’s not making it. So you coming to me, is this accurate? What, why are you even listening to it? Like you could have literally just typed in zoom kills Godspeed and Google by itself would have explained exactly what happened. Like, I swear to god. In today’s age, reading books means nothing. You don’t have to know anything about what you’re talking about as long as the video is pretty and the pictures flash really fast, Joe, don’t even ask question. You wanna, oh my God, this looks so interesting. Wow, you don’t even care as accurate as long as it’s pretty and it sounds good, you gonna go with it.

But this is not a real page. This is ChatGPT. The AI is not only making a story for you, it’s giving you inaccurate information. And you, I can’t even blame him for it because it’s your fault. You’re listening to then when you just read the comments, it makes y’all look very unintelligent. Just reading your reactions to the video. That’s not accurate, the things that come out of your mouth. This is why the community as a whole is the way it is. You don’t care about accurate information. You just want information. And that’s the problem. Like you can just read volume 5 of the flash. You don’t have to read every flash comic. And anybody who has read volume 5 of the flash can debunk everything in those flash videos. I guess we’re all sad to be in America, bro. We’re in a country that can’t even use Google properly and is so willing to be spoon fed the wrong information. It’s correct. It’s diabolical. Just think about this. That is a whole AI generated page. They haven’t had to work for anything. And the crazy part about it is TikTok is gonna always push content like this because y’all are like children in front of a TV. As long as it’s something mind numbing, you’re not gonna ask questions, you’re not gonna move out that spot and you’re gonna be quiet. Go and ask me, is this true? Why are you even listening to a page? Or you don’t even know what the person looks like and they not even showing you real scan. This showed you a page that is a comic cover. I, I can’t. I can’t. It’s a comic book cover. And he said in the video, the time when Reverse Flash fought all the flashes and it took Godspeed to rip him in half to stop it. Now we’re just gonna ignore the fact that Gorilla Rod had my control. Most of you know. Now we’re just gonna, we’re gonna walk right past that one.