Unlocking the Full Potential of AI: From Organizing Photos to Enhancing Accessibility and Medical Diagnoses

Thing that I hate about AI is knowing the fact that incredibly useful as a tool that could help us save time. Let me give you an example. On my phone, there are 50 million pictures. I am not that organized. So instead of organizing them into folders immediately after I download or take a picture, it just exists in a China. Okay. And theoretically, AI, could I let it know that my prompt is, for example, one of my dogs, Mommy, I wanna find all pictures of, then all the pictures of her would show up because that is a function and capability of AI. What AI is doing as it generates the stupid art using the stupid prom and stealing other artist’s work.

To an extent. This is possible now currently, because if I put in dog into my album search, then 50 million pictures of Hold My Dog show up. That’s not smart enough. There’s more that AI could be doing, right? On a grander scale, AI could do so much to help folks with disabilities, specifically sensory processing issues. So when I go on online store, and partly the reason why I don’t like buying clothes online is because I don’t know what they feel like. Theoretically, AI could assign all of these values to different combinations of textiles. For example, if there’s a higher percentage of polyester shown for a T-shirt, then yeah, that’s gonna be a little scratchy. And AI would parse the page, compare it to its data set, and pop up like, yeah, this is gonna be scratchy. Do not recommend.

This is not a big ask for AI technology at all. And I would know because I’ve worked in tech companies before with algorithms and this is kind of how it functions, right? On an even grander scale. And to some extent, it is used that way. AI can be machine trained to look and compare different scans such as MRIs, X rays or even sell slides. So when you get your blood drawn to test for a disease, AI can be fed thousands and millions of images to show, oh, this is abnormal slide and this typically means XYZ disease. Like I said, to some extent, this is being used, but people, and by people, I mean corporations and rich people are investing their funds into the stupidest things, like stealing art, instead of the three possibilities out of so many others that AI could actually be used for to lessen the load of time that people spend on tedious.

I could think of another one right now. I’m in quite a few book groups. I can’t tell you how many times there’s someone who asks, hey, I read this book one time and it has this, that and the other keywords. Do you know what this book is? And right now, even if you search online with the keywords and stuff, because these books are not available, obviously, for obvious reasons, then we’re at the mercy of people who have read a lot instead of a useful tool that would not steal the author’s words and would just let us know, hey, this is the book you’re looking for. You can go read it now. I don’t want a generated book that’s in the style of this off. I want that specific book that my brain remembers that I wanna read again. I want the human at work. I am looking for the human creative work, not this AI generated answer. Random artistic thoughts. I have other things to post, but like, so this is the post you get. You’re welcome. It’s a low energy day.