The Mastery Path: A Framework for Client Retention and Acquisition in Product Design

I’m gonna teach you my favorite design framework that I learn from a master product designer as I spent 6 months one on one with her during Covid. This framework is known as the Mastery Path and it can help you not only help the retention of your clients and have them last longer, but also help you get new clients from social media marketing and wherever you do your own marketing.

This is known as the mastery path. It basically has four phases, right? You have a system or a flow that leads come into your business, right? That it goes from discovery, how do they learn about your product?

2, how they get started using your product? 3, what are the habits or skill building activities that they have getting better at using your product? And 4, what does it look like when they become masters?

Now, any good product or system or company really has these, whether it’s known or unknown. And I’m working with a company that does a lot of things around self work that helps people generate more money, get more revenue, build a better life, a better company. And it’s all around understanding that there are these negative internal biases that stop you from really making more money. A lot of people like, oh, no, it’s just about this. I was like, a lot of it comes down to this. And so they built out a product extension ladder is where you kind of extension from like a free service to a small paid service to a medium paid to a high ticket service. And one thing that was helping with was how to use the mastery path in order for them to increase their conversions, you know, up an extension and also get more people in through the pipe. And we did that through product analysis. And so what they did is they reached out to their top 20% of their power user and said, hey, we’d love to learn two things. 1, what are your results? And 2, what habits have made you successful?

Now this is really powerful because there’s two things you can do with this, with the habits that made them successful using their application, which for them was group texting and integrating it into morning routines. And another activity I don’t really remember right now, but they took those and they use those and said, hey, if you’re onboarding into our application, we’re now gonna message you. We’re now gonna either email you when you get started in 7 days or 14 days in, let you know some successful habits that you can use from the top 20% of our app users to become more successful, thus helping extend them through the ladder of success. So as they’re going through their company services, it helps their clients be more successful so that they can then eventually sell them higher ticket services.

The second thing are results. So some of the companies, the people that were using the app, three times their income, they had a healthier marriages, they became more fulfilled. There’s all these amazing benefits that they got from using application. And then you can take the results from those 20% of power users and use that into your marketing material. For example, hey, do you wanna be able to three time your income in the next 12 weeks? Well, Bob, here it was be able to do that with our free app called the Gift App. So if you wanna get that, download that today and three times your income. So you’re taking the top 20% of the people from the mastery path and you’re learning what made them successful. And you’re also taking the results of what made them successful and you’re using that to market to people so that you can do the discovery phase and get more awareness through the discovery phase, usually on social media and other places. And then when they’re getting onboarded, you’re taking the habits, the skill burn activities of what’s made them successful and you’re helping them learn those patterns so they can be successful, so that you can bring them through the path. And so this is just one of my favorite design patterns to help companies be more successful, get more conversions, get more leads and get more paying clients. If you have any comments or questions about this free, feel free to comment down below. Thank you very much. Have a great day.