Automating Art Creation and Product Generation with ChatGPT and Google Drive Integration

Like something that we could do is like, let’s delete this one. Let’s add a GPT that creates a completion and I’m gonna tell this one, generate a prompt. Okay, so I’m gonna pick ChatGPT four is fine. I’m gonna use the role of user. These roles are kind of important. So if you select system is like it’s taking information, if there is more bubbles here, it’s taking information from each of those bubbles and giving you a response.

If you use user, you’re kind of saying, I want to have a conversation with ChatGPT. It’s essentially using this interface, right? Sometimes I ask at things and it thinks about it. It gives me its opinion. That’s I want. If you select assistant, it acts like an assistant. So like, if you were like assistant, get me coffee, it comes back and gives you coffee.

Like it’s not thinking too much, it’s just doing exactly what you asked it to do. So I’m gonna select user because I want it to generate an idea or think about an idea. The prompt is gonna be generate a prompt to, let’s say, generate a prompt for dial E3 to create or generate an image of a, let’s say, landscape in the style of watercolor paintings. It should, let’s say Monay, cuz that’s the only artist because that does watercolor or like water, like flower art. Okay, you should be inspired by the paintings of money. You can set the tokens here, but it’s got some instructions here.

If you set the limit to zero, it’ll just use the max. The tokens are like what? Let’s see, I’m gonna say 300 usually is what is on there. The tokens are like how many, how many, what amount of characters did you use in the prompt? And how many characters or like tokens it takes to generate the art piece, right?

So there’s like a limit and you can do these on the free version I make. Yeah, so you have 10,000 operations. The only thing I’m paying for here is my OpenAI API. So follow this PDF. I’ll post this PDF in the stand source so you can connect your OpenAI API on here.

But right now, yeah, essentially that’s all we’re paying for. That’s also why I like to use Google Sheets. And I’ll show you how many use Google Sheets in a second. Okay, so that’s the prompt. I can test this to see what kind of prompt it’s gonna generate as I ran this module just one time and this is the result. So the result is a prompt generated serene landscape inspired by impression style of clad Monet as if it were a watercolor painting.

Feature lush gardens, reflective waters and vibrant sunrise characterizing Money’s iconic use of color and texture. Cool. So then that prompt, I’m gonna send it to another chat GBT module where I’m gonna say, generate an image. Okay, I’m gonna tell it dolly 3 and the prompt is gonna come from here. So when I open this came up, see, and I’m gonna say this result, I’m just gonna plug that in there.

Okay, so now if I run these two together, this is gonna come up with a prompt. It’s gonna send it here. And this is gonna generate a piece of art. So this one was happy. This one was happy. Let’s look at the result. I’m gonna click into data.

I’m gonna click into one, and then the result is right here in the URL. So let’s look at that copy. I’m gonna open another tab, paste it on there. Why battle? Cool.

Okay, so the next step from here is that I want to save this image, right? Like I want these images to go somewhere. So I’m gonna add two more steps. The first step I’m gonna add is this module called http because I wanted to get that response. So I’m gonna click into here URL and remember the data from this module.

Okay, see how I’m on top of it? It’s bouncing. That’s telling me this information is coming from this module. I want to put that URL with that image. I’m gonna grab it into this module. So there’s that http, get a file, grab that image.

Okay, the next one that I’m gonna add is a Google Drive. Okay, I’m gonna say upload a file cuz I wanna upload this image to my Google Drive. So I’m gonna connect my, I’m just gonna send it. Yeah, I’m just gonna put it in my regular. Oop, I’m gonna select from a list and then I’m gonna tell it where to go.

I’m just gonna say, just put it in the Google Drive. I don’t care where, just put it here. Okay, let’s put it in PDF planners just in case. Okay, so here it looks like I didn’t need this http, which is fine. I could delete this because it’s gonna download the generated image from there.

But if that hadn’t been there, I would have selected this one. Both of them are fine. So let’s leave it here. I’m gonna delete this one and see if it works. Okay, delete this module. Okay, now looks wonky. So I’m gonna use this magic wand to realign everything. Cool.

Okay, now I’m gonna try, let me open up my Google Drive to make sure it gets there. Oh my gosh, my, I feel like it’s like both allergies and head codes and probably log Covid and everything else. Okay, so I’m in my drive, it’s empty. Which one did we pick? I think I said PLR planner.

So it’s gonna go in this folder. Let me double check. Yeah, PR planners. Okay, so let’s run this whole thing. So recap, this is generating a prompt. It’s gonna send that prompt to here. This is generating an image. Then it’s gonna send that image to my Google Drive.

After that, okay, after it’s in there, I’ll show you what the next step of what I would do with this. Okay, here’s a good example. So this is an error. You see how it gave me that? Let’s go see what it is missing. The values required following file data. Okay.

Yeah, so I think I do need that http 1 because it said it didn’t have the information. So let’s add that module again. I just clicked that little wrench. I’m gonna say add a module, http, get a file, grab that URL. Okay, and now we’re gonna tell this one, grab it from this http file.

Try that again. I’m gonna save it. Oh my. Okay, if you think this is cool, please join my community because I show things off like this all the time. I go live Tuesday and Thursday morning and then I have office hours Tuesday night, which you could just come and hang out with me and chat with me about anything.

Oh, look, it’s working. Yes. Okay, let’s go look at that Google Drive. I’m gonna refresh it and it should be, where is it? Where did it go? Okay, let me see. Where did it go? Okay, it’s in, here’s a file name.

Where is it? Okay, let me double check. Where did I put it? PDF planners. Oh, I’m in the rug folder. And so silly PDF planners. There it is. Okay, let’s look at it, dude.

Okay, this would be perfect on a puzzle. My husband just went nuts about puzzles lately and I wouldn’t make this in a puzzle, Harvey. Okay, so now I have this image. The next step I would do is set up all of my. Let’s go to here. Oh, I delete it.

Okay, it’s finding how to build it again. I would go to my pronoun demand course and find the P, the print on demand. Let’s see. Let’s make let’s put it on a tote bag. Okay, so I have a tote bag animation. It starts with a Google Drive.

So watch from that image we just put into that Google Drive, we could take that image and put it in this automation. Okay, see, I’m gonna grab that same image, put it into print. If I grab ChatGPT to make a product description, and it’s gonna make a tote bag. So let me log into print so that you could see what that looks like.

Prentify, the only reason I use printed FY is because make and printed by have a super strong connection and it’s e super strong connection. It’s easy for them to create products together. Look, I made tote bags before. Okay, yeah, this is fine to put it in the shoot super puzzle shop. Okay, so let’s go back here.

I’m gonna tell this one go into that same folder. So what was it? PDF planners. Okay, go into PDF planners and grab that one image. I’m gonna say, okay, let me double check because I already messed up. Yeah, it’s a PDF planners. Okay, go to PDF planners, download that image, upload it to print.

If I just gotta make sure that I’m on the right one. Okay, make a create this. Okay, this is gonna say come up with a ton about a tote bag. That’s my description. That’s fine. I like it. And I made that one a while ago. And then I’m just making sure that all of these are the same.

And then here I gotta make sure it’s going into the right shop. Okay, let’s run this. Okay. Okay. Okay. Boom. Happy. Let’s go look.

I’m gonna refresh this. Okay, thanks for the ad. No, that’s not the one. Okay, let’s see what did I do wrong. So this is happy. Where is it? Cool. Tote bag.

Black tote for farmers market. Let me see if I put it in the right shop. Yeah, this one. Refresh. Did I got the wrong image? No, this was created March 19th. Happening here. Okay.

Angelica’s demo shop. Yes, Angelica’s demo shop. Okay, why aren’t you showing it to me? Okay, put in the Etsy shop. See if I’ll do it. Put it in that one so I could see it.

Okay, and then let me double check and make sure it’s grabbing it from PDF planners. Let me just double check the image cuz maybe I didn’t grab the correct image. Yeah, it’s the right image. Okay, do your thing. Come on. Okay, this is a good thing. So this is a trigger.

It’s called a watch files in a folder trigger. Any trigger that starts with watch, if it goes into that folder and it has seen everything in there, it’ll be like, no, I receive everything. I don’t need to do this animation anymore, which is great if you are like on a schedule. Like I like I work with a lot of artists who have a schedule of when they drop things into their Google Drive. That’s why this is here.

Cuz I know that anytime they drop something in there, this is gonna happen. However, because we’re just testing, I need to restart it, which is I’m actually gonna see if I could choose manually cuz it’ll give me the actual file. Okay, do that one, right? Okay, show up. I hope you show up.

Okay, so it says it was happy. Let’s go to print. If I, let’s see this. There it is. Oh, there’s the bag. Okay, so now I just have to do some adjusting. Cuz I put it on the bottom.

See how it’s down here, but I gotta go back and do some adjusting. But yeah, basically there’s the product and I could do that adjusting programmatically inside of me. So I could just come in here and make adjustment. It’s like, let’s see. Oh, this is because the size of the bag is different than the size of the image.

We could fix that with the resizing automation. So I have an imagery, 15 minutes. I showed you how to generate a problem, make artwork with it, put in a Google Drive, take it from that Google Drive, make a product, and then after this, I would post it on social media, posted on the Etsy shop, post shop, right, etc. All of that I show you how to do inside of my community.