Unsuccessful Attempts to Sell TikTok to Various Companies: A Humorous Encounter

For TikTok press 4. Hi, my name is Kyle. This is TikTok. Yes, would you guys be interested in purchasing TikTok?

No, sir. Yes, this is TikTok, right? The TikTok Fit that you eat.

Yes, yeah. TikTok has 269 days to sell. It’ll be banned in the US. And so we thought it might be a great merger if TikTok bought TikTok.

Okay, Paris before one of the operation and before. Okay. Okay. Thank you for calling TikTok. This is Andrea. May I have your first name?

Hi, Kyle. Hi. I, would TikTok be interested in buying TikTok?

Is that a serious question?

E, yes, we have 269 days to sell TikTok or it’ll be banned in the US. And we thought this would be a great collaboration, TikTok and TikTok.

Okay, I can. I’m not really sure of that answer, but I can go ahead and get the information down and forward it to the department that deals with those types of decisions.

Okay, just so you know, if TikTok does turn down TikTok, we will be going to Kitkat next.

Okay, so like I said, I don’t have any space over the suspicions, but I can’t take your information for it. Oh, okay, okay, okay. Alright. Thank you for calling Hersh for yesterday. Sure answer. Pleasure. Speaking off today.

Hi, this is Kyle. Okay, we’re gonna give you there. Hi, can you connect me with the kit cap department.

About. Sorry, are you trying to get all this.

Kit Kat?

Are you attempting to reach Hershey Food? Yes. All right. This is Hershey Park. Hershey Foods is a separate corporate entity. Let me see if I can grab their phone number for you. Okay, thank you. Hello and thank you for calling to Hershey Company. My name is Marcy, and who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Hi, Marcy, this is Kyle.

Okay, perfect in how can I help you today? Kyle.

Could you connect me with the Kit Kat department?

Okay, cat department. Yeah, and the reason for the call.

I was wondering if Kit Kat would be interesting in.

Buying TikTok. Do you own TikTok?

I don’t own it.

Because Kit Kat is just a brand. It’s own by the Hershey Company.

So the Kit Kat couldn’t make the decision to buy TikTok.

You know, they couldn’t. It’s just a brand, just like Reese’s is also a brand, reaches peanut America, you know, Twizzlers, all of those brands belong to the Hershey company. So those individual brands would not be able to make a decision. It would have to be done by the Hershey Company.

Okay. Is there someone there that could buy it.

If they were interested? And I’m truly sure that they know that what’s going on in the media, and if they were interested, they probably would.

On their own, you know?

On your own. Okay. Well, frustrated that TikTok might be going away.

Trying to get someone to buy it.

Okay. Yeah, it’s a huge thing. I’m pretty sure somebody, you know, some billionaire might step up, you know.

Right. Marcy, let me ask you this, not to get into your financials, do you happen to have $1 billion?

So I don’t have $1 million to buy TikTok. And if I have $1 billion, I would not buy TikTok.

Oh, man. Alright.

Costco. Also, this is Jen. Can I.

Help you? Hi, Jen. I was just calling to see if you guys would be interested in buying TikTok.

We do not actually do any advertising outside of our building.

Oh, do you wanna, I was wondering if you wanted to buy the company. Oh, no, thanks. Okay. You sure?


Alright, thanks anyways. Thanks.