Title: The Importance of Personal Responsibility and Planning in Social Gatherings

So I get invited via my home girl to go to this girl’s dinner. I don’t know her like that. I think. Please love me. Love sampai papua. I have been in this situation before. I have witness scenarios like this before. This is 2024. We have to do better. We have to stop this nonsense.

Please go and watch that video to understand what I’m about to say, what I’m about to contribute to. So that guy went to if a friend’s bed, the party. Not everyone is friend. If somebody invited. รุษณอีไวจะทวิตภาพสีอยู่ในไฟส่งบทนําพสกนิกรได้สมบูรณ์อยู่. Who be in trouble of you. That is a scenario right now.

Why are you invited someone to a pass that they invited you to? Okay, let’s say you cannot go. No, you need someone to go to. They make provision for the person you’re going with. Okay, or tell the person a is. But this is a situation. This is the situation of the pattern we are going to.

So if anything happens, we know how to run things, you know, make a plan. Don’t just hire the person. Make an additional. Do you know what the Betty, the celebrant, do you know what the celebrities plant that side. Now, this is my issue.

So this guy, when he got to the party, he saw about 12 people or over 15 people. She was like, oh, my god, this is crowded party. It was just a small dinner, but over 15 people, listen, that’s a red flag. You cannot tell me otherwise. I am not invited over 15 people to my dinner.

So my beddinner is too much. So when he got there, everyone was, Audrey never was drinking. Departure was going fine. So he was like, okay, let me go use the bathroom. As it was, going to the bathroom is instinct told him to just, you know, branch other, you know, bath and pay for whatever he drunk and ate. So he branch at the bar and he paid for his food and drink and he also tipped.

So why was, why when he came back, he sat on the table and the waiter brought the Bill. When the waiter brought the Bill, the Bill was $3,500. Everybody looked at themselves and the Sally Brands was like, well, I’m the Sally Brands.

I don’t have a problem that you put should do with this. Are you crazy? Celebrate No. 1 mistake. You should have just be like, oh, guys, this is a lot of you. What are we gonna do? You know, you first excluded yourself. Oh, what do you think orders would do?

Nobody said anything about it. The guy, this guy edits and is stood up immediately. He got up from the chair. He got up from his chair and what, and was living. He wanted to leave. So they told him, oh, you can leave right now. We are all on this sheet together.

I will gonna pay this Bill. And he said, well, I paid my Bill already. All looked at him like, what? So the waiter said, yes, he paid his Bill already. He paid for his food and drinks.

And so, and he tipped beautifully so he can leave her. My brother got. Top alles in love pasti my problem is brother i was the way sudah pasti. So our things we’re going to consider where you wear an observance person, please calm your, let me know so I can go and pay for my own Bill too. And everybody would just sit like, okay, let’s watch what we happen. So when.

S new state my you living doubles, i am not the. NI was. Me on the other end, I’m going for a better party. Always make a plan. I always have a plan. I always have cash.

If I don’t have cash, I have my credit, my debit card or me. And I know I am not going to a better party to put all my bills on the celebrities. I know that’s how it works when you’re going to a white party, a black American party, dinner, whatever. You also, you always have to tip my Nigerian man. I thank you very much. Oh, my African ladies. I, my Nigerian. Thank you very much because we go on your self distancing tinggi aja say just pay his friend, just pay we do it and menyebut sepeda i manajernya udah jauh jauh.

Guys, regardless, don’t worry, it’s okay. You guys can enjoy yourself. Danger. Iya neh naun nabi koyu adil Widodo gu udah tau scipio cicipin ini e money for ABI news today. Thank you. And let’s go back to the story. So everyone was going crazy. And, you know, 35 hundred lose pain is and the way they said they can only split the bills into two, that means you can only use two people’s credit card to pay for the Bill.

And the problem with us is if I drop my credit card to pay for like part of the Bill, everybody be like, okay, let assume that I’m paying 1,000 out of the Bill for my credit card and I have to inform my group that’s supposed to give me 10,500 dollars each. I’m, if I’m lucky, I receive $400. That’s how I’m telling you. If you’re lucky, you receive $400. Always gonna be at the cost.

Who’s gonna bear the, oh, the old problem is media. Drop my credit card. A lot of them would not give me back the money. They, oh, the network is bad. Oh, I’m short of cash. Oh, I haven’t sufficient money on my account. You know what? I’m gonna send it to this person.

She’s gonna send it. It will never send it to you or you never receive that money again. So and so everybody said, okay, let’s watch what was gonna happen. The celebrance is mad right now. Everybody is going crazy. Who’s gonna pay? Who’s credit card are we gonna use? I am not drop my credit card.

I’m ready to give you my money, to give him a part of the money. Right now, if an entire comment on that app was, I said as an adult, don’t know one should be responsible for your abuse, especially at the dinner. Come on, I agree with you. My person, no one should be responsible for you if you’re going out on a dinner. Please, I’ll make a plan. Have a plan B. Always have your credit card, debit card or cash with you.

And when you’re going, I’m begging you, my brother and sister, drink or eat what you can pay for. Don’t say it’s a dinner, my friend invited me to a bed, but I’m gonna go drink it with support. If you are going to a house, guan drink. But if you are going to a bar, a restaurant, please do not do that.

Just eat a little diet, you know, you know that little. Come on. Oh, just eat a little, drink a little. So when the Bill comes, if anything, you can account for your own Bill. Don’t be stupid and don’t be foolish. So you’re going to bear the parties like that is not even okay.

And for you to now think the celebrate is gonna take the old view, no, it doesn’t work like that, and passes like that. For you to now think an invited guest that has already done his part and the guy was even nice enough who he watched the celebrans’gift, someone that he said he does not know from. Anyway, he was invited by his own girl and when he got on the own girl tested email like, oh, why did you do that? And he said, I don’t care. Just some, just the same thing I would say, I don’t care.

I did my part. You guys mess the old thing up. I was not afraid of the celebrities. And come on, you should. I should have done, you should have done it in the most civilized, in a more reasonable way. Then the syllabus just be like, oh, well, I’m the syllabus. Gua juga really oke? Oke guys ini juga wudu uno terus guys guys VW umum this guy thing the wonten please comment mention Lee Min Ho Lee Min Ho punya waktu fungsi yo opo sih. Udah pasti saga go and our plan always able ya gue out dont think so not responsible for you atau i karena berpose donk gue w di invite dong gue.