Title: Navigating the Current Financial Landscape: Insights and Strategies for Americans in the Era of Bitcoin, Banking Systems, and Global Economic Shifts

Americans be warned, this video on April 22nd,2,024, is two days after the Bitcoin having. Now, everything I’m sharing with you is just my opinion. You should always do your own research, don’t make any financial moves based on what I say. I’m always speaking from my paradigm and currently what I’m doing. So there’s a viral video going around. If somebody in Canada trying to take money out of their bank account and they’re refusing $3,000, now, what does this mean? That could have been a specific situation around that specific bank. But remember, banks don’t hold a bunch of cash with their banks. It’s always been like that. Well, not always. It’s been like that for a very long time since we did, went into the digital age.

Now I don’t know what’s going on in Canada, but I do know in America that the American banking systems in a liquidity crisis right now. In 2023, the bank bailings were activated with SVP collapsing, Silicon Valley Bank, SVB, Silicon Valley Bank collapsing, and a bigger bank monopolizing them. Now you need to understand the difference between a bank bail in and a bail out. A bailout is when they inject money into the bank. A bail in is what is going to be the Protection of the American banking system where they’re going to take the debt of that bank, they’re gonna turn it into equity, and they’re gonna allow bigger banks to monopolize them or buy them. I don’t know if that’s the right word, monopolize, but that’s it feels like to me. So what will happen is a small regional banks that can’t survive this liquidity crisis because interest rates are not coming down, the American people are having trouble borrowing and they’re stacking their credit cards because inflation is high. So inflation is sticky. They’re not lowering interest rates in the middle class now needs to make $160,000 a year just to survive. So now banks are starting to struggle cuz banks make money in three ways, interest income, fee income and capital markets income. So if people aren’t able to lend, the interest income goes down, the fees start to go down. And if the capital markets start to falter, the banks are then big trouble. But the larger banks are collateralized for this. They’re protected for this. So a bank bail in would create a equity buys so the banks would turn into credit and then the bigger banks would monopolize them, and then we’re going into full tokenization.

Now another thing you need to pay attention to is where we gave $60 billion to Ukraine or Russia just said, hey, listen, we’re not playing games. You guys can fund this, but we’re not playing games. Now. We’re sending 60 billion to Ukraine when we can’t even take care of the American people. So now we’re on the verge of World War 3. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden put sanctions on them for the Swift system, all financial. China said they’re gonna evade Taiwan. We said we’re gonna protect them. So we made a clear message that we are going all in with Ukraine. And now Russia saying, okay, let’s go.

Game time. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are working to detoxise and they’re creating their own blockchain technology and blockchain distribution Ledger system. The future of your monetary system is blockchain technology, distributed lecture technology and cryptocurrency. The very thing the banks told you was used for money laundering and frauds gonna be your new financial system by 2026. You’re gonna see the normalization is by 2030, you’re not even gonna know that you’re operating on a blockchain. And there was a small group of people that invested in this innovative technology. And if you have an exit plan and you understand how to get in and get out of these markets, you could radically transform your family’s life. But it’s extremely volatile and extremely speculative.

So here’s exactly what I’m doing is as this cryptocurrency goes up, we have the Bitcoin having, as it goes up six months from now in October, I’m pulling the left side of the risk pyramid. I pull high profits, okay, high spective. I pull it from the high spective, high profits, risk of losing money down the risk pyramid. And I ensure my wealth, I ensure my family and I share my wealth to guarantee my principles insurance based products. From there, I invest more in companies that are gonna create cash flow and that I continue to invest best inspective assets, pull profits when everybody’s coming in and I ensure the key right now is financial literacy and financial discipline. The American financial system did not teach us how to create money. It taught us how to be workers and trade time for money. So your goal right now is to develop financial literacy, financial discipline, and understand that this is the biggest shift in generational wealth in human history.

So I hope this information helps. Like I said, make your own decisions. I love you guys. I appreciate you, as we always say, warriors. Let’s get your together. Love you guys. Remember, I will never proactively . Those are all scammers. If you would like to set up a free consultation with my insurance team, it’s absolutely free. It’s in my bio here. You can click there. I have insurance agents in all 50 states. We show you how we ensure our wealth. Be very careful. We do not invest people’s money. That is not me talking to you. That is not me messaging you. That is not me communicating with you. Okay? We will never proactively DM you. Appreciate you and I love you.