Exploring Anime and DC Adventures with Vincent Martela: From Goku to Batman and Beyond

Vincent Martela, how are you?

Hey, I’m great. Thanks for having me here. Yeah, this is gonna be fun. I’m excited. Of course.

Perfect. Thank you for coming, by the way. No.

Absolutely. You know, it’s been fun being in Brazil for a couple of days. And so I was glad that we’re able to make this work. This would be fun.

Thank you, man. Okay, so let’s talk about anime. Cuz I saw in one of your Instagram posts that you have a Dragon Ball T-shirt and I had, it’s like bright orange bro. Like, yeah, yeah, I have.

Like a Goku T-shirt. Dragon Ball Z was like the anime that I grew up with like in the United States, it would play in the evenings right after you get back from school. It was on every day at like 3 or four PM so every day, like after we’d finish our homework, me and my older brother would watch Dragon Ball Z. And I love, that’s my favorite anime by far.

I had, I don’t have anymore, but I had like all the action figures when I was a kid. I wish I would have kept them. Oh, you know, you get rid of stuff when you’re a kid cuz you don’t think, you’re like, oh, I’m not gonna have this forever. I still have some, but like I wish I had all the ones I had when I was a kid. Why.

Did I just sell them? I, you know, I.

Think I like gave him the goodwill or like, I don’t think you guys have goodwill here, but you know what I mean? Like, yeah, you know, like a charity organization or something like kids, yeah, when my parents were like moving houses and stuff, like after I was an adult and just like a lot of the toys, like giving them to other kids or like giving them some something like that. But I kept like one or two of them. And there’s always. What’s nice about Dragon Ball Z though is cuz it’s been so popular forever, they just keep coming out with new toys. So I’m sad. I’m good.

And there’s also a new anime series coming out, Dragon Ball Diamond. Which is, I think, I guess it’s a 16 episodes, I think.

Okay. Do you know when? I don’t think.

We have a release date actually. Okay, so.

Do you have a favorite Dragon Ball.

Character? That’s literally what I was gonna ask you, but. Well, yeah, I do. I, yeah, I got, I gotta say Vegeta, bro. Vegeta. I know that’s a.

Cliche. No, that’s cool. What’s yours? I love Gohan. Like we were briefly talking about this before, give you behind the scenes. We’re briefly talking about this before we recorded. But my favorite action figure, I like hunted this action figure down is like during the cell saga of Dragon Ball Z, which is my favorite era of Dragon Ball Z. There’s a really brief period where Gohan wears Piclow’s outfit. Like he’s wearing not just the purple, he’s wearing the cape. And you could always find the action figure of him in the purple, but the with the cape was really hard.

When I was a kid, remember, I like saved up lunch money like that. My parents were giving me like, go buy lunch. And I bought that action figure from a kid at school. No, cuz he had it. And I was like, and I could. You couldn’t find it in stores cuz even by the time that, you know, we were watching Dragon Ball Z, it was an older show. Like, I mean, it’s been, yeah, now for so long. And so that action figure was like a really old, like hard action figure to find. Now you can like bite on the internet. But yeah, I saved up my lunch money to buy, right? It was my favorite action figure as a kid. Oh, that’s.

Interesting, dude. Gohan. Yeah, crazy. That’s pretty.

Cool, though. Love me some Gohan. I, yeah, I like, I go on a lot. Love Vegeta Majin. Vegeta is pretty crazy too. Yeah, true, true.

So with that said, I also wanna ask about your time with DC. Yeah, cuz you also dubbed Jason Todd, right? Yes. Robin.

Jason Todd. You were a.

Part of one of the most bizarre and like narliest scenes of DC with like the grow bar scene. Yeah, that’s like one of the most dark scenes, obviously, like out of all.

So I worked on two DC animated movies. One was called Batman under the Red Hood. And that obviously has the crowbar senior talking about where the Joker kills Jason Todd. He kills Robin. And so I got to play Jason Todd in that. And that was really cool. Cuz, yeah, I honestly, that movie in general, I’m really proud of that movie. I think that’s a really good animated movie. I think everyone’s really good in that. Like Jensen Eccles plays Red Hood in that. And he’s, his voice acting is so good in that. John Demaggio plays the Joker for that. And John Demajo is, you know, a legend. I mean, spender and yeah, Jake Dog. And we had Bruce Greenwood, like legendary actor playing Batman. So that one just came out so well. Perfect. And then years later, they asked me to come back and do another movie called Batman, Death in the family that came out like during Covid. And that was almost like a choose your own adventure type of movie where you could like make decisions.

On the script. Like, yeah.

You could like click and make decisions that you want the characters to do. And so in that one up, it’s like more based on the death in the family comic book or graphic novel rather. And so that one you can make decisions that then make it so like, does Robin die? Does Robin not die? Does Batman die instead of Robin? Like what? You know, and it splinters the story and you can see you can keep making choices. So now when I actually got to play Redhood and Jason and I got to play Redhood and that was really cool. And that is really, that movie is really violent. Like you’re talking about the crowbar scene. There’s some really violent stuff. And the other one that I did, but that was super.

Fun. Dude, that’s crazy. I imagine you have to like moon pain.

Yeah, what’s, eh? Generally, whenever I am doing cartoons, like when you have a lot of yelling or a lot of screaming or like I’ve done video games before and it’s a lot of like attack noises. They save that for the end of the session cuz it’s just so taxing on your voice. But in, yeah, and in Batman, I mean, they really want you to go. They’re like, no, scream. Like we want you to like, really, it’s Batman, you like you need to do it. And so I know in that one, yeah, I was like, just like losing my voice by the end of all those sessions. Just like screaming. Yeah, is loud, getting beaten up. And then I have like a scene in that one, see where I like come back from the dead like cuz like Razal Ghoul like yeah, takes me to Lazarus Pit. Yeah, I’m like supposed to like freaking out and like turning evil and that I like lost my voice every time we would do that cuz it was just screaming for like 30 seconds straight of like running and like losing my mind. But that’s a fun part about my job is yeah, I get to like lose my mind in a sound studio for a little.

Bit. Yeah, you get to make that live.

And then I get to play Robin, which is also crazy cuz like, who didn’t grow up watching Batman? Like Batman, the Animated Series was like a huge part of my childhood.

Definitely it’s one of the biggest subsidy. Yes.

It’s one of the best things that they’ve ever done. So getting to play in a Batman cartoon in general was something I didn’t think I was ever gonna be able to do, let alone get to play Robin. Like, that’s really cool. Like I would do another one of those in a heartbeat if they let me. Like those were so fun.

Definitely do. Okay. So why did I talk to you about Batman and Goku? Because in a , which is our channel, we have the biggest pop culture channel in Latin America. Yeah, we got almost 14 million subscribers. So I want to ask you a life and death question, which is the most controversial question out of all of our channel. Don’t be nervous. Just life and death. It’s just.

The stakes have never been hired, but don’t be nervous.

You’re good. You’re good. We’ve gotten millions of views off of this question. Okay, so be careful who would win.

I knew you’re gonna ask.

Yeah, definitely. Goku or Batman with prep time.

Or Batman with.

Prep time. Now, like if you just, yeah, like barely, you know, it could be obvious. But yeah, sometimes think about it, you know.

With prep time, I’m trying to think of, cuz like, I know he has, you know, like an Agamemnon contingency for like all the members of like the Justice League and even himself, like he has contingencies about himself.

Trying to think about Goku, right? I’m trying.

To think of the Goku contingencies. Yeah, I think he’d like end up using like Chi Chi and like Gohan against like he, you know, he’d use his family or something. I mean.

To be honest, if he use Gohan, I don’t think Goku would care.

It yeah, I actually wouldn’t care. Yeah, Gohan dies all the time. I.

Think he died.

I think I’m still gonna go with Goku. I go with Goku for most things. Like a lot of people are like Superman or Goku. Batman with prep time is way more fun than Superman and Goko. Yeah, that’s a way more fun question. I get why so many people like that question. I think I still lean Goku, but if it was like Batman with prep time in Vegeta, Batman for sure. Oh yeah, Batman for sure. That’s good. Batman for sure. But with Goku, I’m not sure. He’s always hiding those censu beans. He’s got him everywhere. Like, true. Although maybe Batman would poison the censu beans.

Yeah, dude, you gotta think about all that stuff.

I’m still going Goku. Yeah, but that’s a great question. I love that question. But I ask that question like my friends.

Yeah, no, yeah, dude, that’s a huge. I’m gonna.

Tell them I thought of it. I’m not gonna tell them. I’m gonna be like, I just thought of this question, ran away.

We have a death battle in our channel. That’s literally, that’s awesome.

Batman wins. Yeah, by the what? Like the percentage.

Wasn’t by voting. You know what I mean? It was like we and then not and like to so like analyzing thing and yeah, okay. He is like his weakness or like, what’s that one gas that makes you sleep, you know, like that works for form. Yeah, that works.

Warm works on Goku.

Literally. Okay. There’s scenes on manga, on the manga that makes.

Him like sleep. That makes sense.

Also, he’s scared of needles. He.

Is scared of needles actually. Okay. I can s I understand the argument.

But still, I I would still go with Gokas.

So I mean, every so often to like one of my favorite, it’s just like when Goku is like really in like a bind, like when he’s like really in a pinch, she’s like, alright, everybody, I need you. And then like the whole galaxy like against like.

Batman is like, there’s like.

A thrown spirit bombs. Yeah, but.

I’m toasted. Thank you so much guys for watching. Can you tell people about your YouTube channel? Oh, sure. And subscribe it.

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Well, thank you. Got that advice.

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You. Thank you.