Nostalgic Gaming: The Quest for Forgotten Childhood Favorites

I feel like I should do a male with this nail cuts. I could. If we talk about like my experience of online, you know what, it, online games. I mean, this counts as my descriptor cuz they were talking about it too, which I hope I can help this guy find this game because I was looking for it. But so what am I talking about? So I think it was a couple nights ago. This one guy, I forgot his discourse, he was looking for a game that he thinks is a fever dream. It’s like where you kill pigs and mutilate them in terrible ways. And he remembered playing it back in the day and he’s trying to look for it. And one of the person when I’m at showed him wasn’t the same game. And if you’re actually here, just put in the comments so people don’t find out what it is. But, and I just want people to help. So I want people to help him find it. And when he was saying that, I was remembering a game I used to play, which I found it’s, I should you not come. I you now. It’s called Sean the Sheep Milan Rover 4 by 4. Yeah, if you remember this game, you’re a legend. You know, I know where I found this game. A site called Shock Wave. Your oldest funeral outside. Like there were so many games, I don’t even remember half of them. I’m pretty sure there’s a snowboard game that I played on there, but I don’t even remember exists. I don’t legit like it was just that and like you’d like drive around. It’s like a driving school in the Shanghai Sheep universe. And I used to just mess around and just be a dumbass in that game. I made that car die like 50 times by that ball.

Regularity. You can get your car destroyed by a bowl in five second. It’s terrifying. Like the whole game has had charm to it. And I barely watched on the sheep when I was younger. Like, what the ? What? And that just makes you, that just reminds me.

I want people delay. If you guys remember a game from your childhood that you remember playing it, put down here and hopefully some people can understand it because I might make a video about it. Like if you s have a game like you think I would remember back in the day. Go ahead. It has to be from like 2002 pretty much. But stealth, we just talk about that game and like, we were just like, he was trying to find stuff about it, which to me it sounds familiar. I don’t know why. Because reminds me of this one game that I feel like me, I don’t remember the name of it. You threw a ragdoll around and I’ve screamed. That was the game that gave me a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep for like a whole hour after that game. The screams are stuck in my head. I almost threw up. That’s how scared I was. And I don’t remember the game at all. It was when I was at the older house that I, that I had. And my interview is comparison, but I don’t know that game either. It is a ragdoll stress related game and you can change your character to whatever you wanted. And the screams, like they sounded actually brutal, but I don’t even know. And like other games I used to play, like I’m pretty sure have the games I remember from addicting games don’t exist anymore. I swear this is one game that I do not remember if it existed. Only I remember it from remember from it is like you play as a blue character and like you could fight enemies, but it was like, my god, it was like kind of like a dark atmosphere and like you can like, I don’t know what it was, but I swear it miss make a sound like eh, eh, or whenever you got hurt, it made like that kind of sound.

And I do not know if it exists, seriously, and I don’t have any other information about it because like there was a lot of games back then. I don’t even remember anymore, especially like that one I was talking about, like the snowboarding game from Shockwave. It was either snowboarding or something else, but it’s like you go down upside or something. I don’t know where it was for this same game that I was talking about, this blue, whatever freaking game you play like a blue character. I don’t even remember it exists. I remember what it looked like. It was like a dark blue. It’s like a dark blue game, kind of like an adventure game. But I never got far into it. And I do not remember the name of it. I’ve been trying to look for that game for years. Like I put blue game and I can’t find . And like it’s mostly that game and the whammer again. I’ve been looking for the most, but I swear there has to be other games. Like, I don’t, I don’t know this other one exists, like where you play as a hot dog and like you use like ketchup and mustard to ketchup, mustard and I think Mayo or whatever the it was to like make this kid go around the place of the hot dog.

We’ve all Neil pets. That’s all I remember from it, but I don’t know if it exists anymore. As people on nail pets, I barely, more than half of the games I find from there. And yes, I wasn’t that kind of in the fandom, but I don’t even know those games exist anymore. Like, hell, I don’t even, they have the games from pet park existing anymore. Only one member is an leaderball. It was like a peggle, one of a like, I swear I feel like half the games from freaking Pep at Parker lost the time . That whole game is lots of time at this point. What do you mean? Same as a monkey quest? If you guys remember any of this. You’re a legend, by the way. Yes, Club Pango account still, but I wish I got more into it. Cuz I definitely would have, you know, done some of the stuff that hit the people are saying about it. But this is when I heard with Shane, I was like, I want to get into the game before it shut down. That was a sad part. But now, like, , all these , all my games are gone. Remember Pet Pie Park? By the way, you are an actual legend. I was an ookin. Yes, I remember the character’s name. It’s a uken. I was an ookin. If you guys will know. That character is . Like I used to be that thing in the game. And like people found assets from the game and people are trying to rebuild it from the ground up but I haven’t heard anything about it since. Like, had to delete my discord account and I was in the server when they were doing it. Well, a better one cuz other one had drama in it, which I do not wanna go into. It’s that bad, eh? If they’re still around, . Like, how can you get a mod that only says slurs every 2 seconds? That’s when I left. They had a mod of ruining their whole image. They were even working on the game. This other one they were, but this other one they were like, what the ? It was . Like I might you make a whole separate video on about on it anyway, but it’s just insane.

And this still counts as like, you know, we need remembering older games like we used to play it back in the day. Yes, I believe cuz, you know, we all were young ones. But seriously, if you guys know any of those games, I’ll start by like, I swear it was like a snowboarding or skateboarding game, like at night or something. I don’t even know. And like some blue character you played at is like kind of like a fighting adventure game. If you remember any of that, let me know. But seriously, hell, if you guys remember any of the games, I was rubber thing. I. Where are we? Kiss you. Yes, I worry we can see.

Yeah, I just want to rant about that because I feel like nobody talks about older games on here. Not like the only one, I really guess about it. But seriously, like if you guys haven’t like have games that you remember and you think that like, well, you can’t find them and you think someone else could find it for you. Say in the comments and I probably know what it is cuz there’s a chance I probably played it back in there. I remember playing a game that was like a golf game and you just going to up like a mouth of a well or something. I don’t remember the name of that game either. Yeah, hell, if he has a member of this one game, what’s it called? Like, like, it was like a cat. Like we, it was like a cat. Like you. It was a bow when Aaron was like a boat, like a ice, not a bowl golf game. I think it’s like cat and like bow and arrow s something about a cat like cat, bow and arrow go. I don’t know what was called, but there’s a lot. I could make a whole series about that if you guys want me to. Like, I can book of these games and try to swim the best I can you guys, but that’s up to you. But yeah, I there almost you have to 10 minutes about tactical childhood. But if you guys know any of those games or know the one that this guy is talking about where you kill pigs and stuff. Just leave in the comments. Hopefully we can find these games and relive the memories.