Lost in Translation: A Surreal Adventure into the Depths of Confusion

It’s so s. I hate Norwegian translations of . It just doesn’t make sense. That’s so good. It sounds so dumb. Yeah, that would make it good, you know, pretty little, some coose orphan of cars.

Oh, come out. You’re in trap. Come in. Shower. Put it in now. Hit the button to the left up top on this cat curtain. On the curtain. Oh, . Is it supposed to be this blurry thought? We’re underwater. So I don’t know. Maybe it’s an indie game, so probably suck my donkey wonky. We have money. Where do we buy stuff out here.

Hello, Aaron. How do I enter? Check it out first, right? What is this? Press the button to the left up here. Look at me right here in the button. Right here. Yeah, pick it up. Put some button on the Kirk. Grab the flashlight thing. The thing. Yeah, pick it up. Going to shower now. You pick it up and go on a shower. Would you just dehydrate a flashlight out of freaking. Oh, my gosh. Make your mind. I know. Babes. How are we? Hello. And 2, like next monster.

Did we crash into ByteDance monsters? Oh, that’s what we’re avoiding. I mean, like the coordinate, the way I’m gonna take coordinates gonna be a little bit to say, okay, go a little bit to the north, just a teeny tight of it. You know, that is not a teeny tiny bit. That’s a full swing you said of north, then I have to be north first. I said teeny tiny bit to the north, but it just sounds straight south. Got it. You know, go a little bit east on the evening like that. Very nice. Yes, perfect.

3,2,1, go there. And if I understand, keep, I wanna keep it. Keep in the house. Keeping in the house can only hold one thing out of hand. What the is that? What the is that? Something growled out.

Oh, hi. Hi. I didn’t what I might be dead. I’m not sure. You will go further down here. I hear Eddie, what’s the button for a radio? I don’t know. I don’t either. Unless they can just hear us. Oh, Lord. Are you coming? Oh, Lord, he coming? Okay. If you have space. Yes, there’s a pizza here. If you have space. Okay. Where? Ow, I didn’t mean to space. That’s something. Come here. Are you slicing me? I’m gonna die. Go up. Go on hotel One. Touch him. Punch him. I’m gonna die. Catch him, touch him. Okay, I got five hit points. We need to leave.

I can. Never mind. I’m gonna die. Then we can go. Any immigration? The building over here. Are you good? Yeah, I’m good now. Who has a free spot in dermatitis? I’ll hit me, please. Somebody punch me in the face. Punch face. Don’t worry. Thank you, Christa. You have space? I have. I can hold an item. Hold. I can. Ow. What the ? What is that? That’s the police. Gonna hurry. How are you riding? Yeah, turn off your lights, please. You’re blinding me.