Embracing Spiritual Enlightenment: A Journey of Vulnerability and Connection

This is going to be an incredibly personal and vulnerable video, unlike anything I have shared. For it is not something I ever expected to actually say out loud to people at large. Only a very select people in my life know about this. But it’s time. I’m ready. So if you’re going to watch this video with me, please be patient. I need to give con and I promise I’ll make it all make sense by the end of it. You follow me.

I hope by now you know that I am a really rational, logical person. I believe in science. I love research, studied philosophy in college and came to the conclusion that the only intelligent position when it came to questions about the universe by dog of our life was doubt. Doubt was the only smart position because how could you claim to know something thing if there is no direct evidence for it? And that’s how I approached my life for a long time. I never identified religion and I was very much a based person. It was always previously my concern in sharing this with people that they would somehow forget about all of that part and just think I had totally lost it, gone up the deep.

And in fact, when I told my husband about the experience the night up, I didn’t really have a choice because was so major. I couldn’t. I hold it in. I couldn’t hide it. But before I told him what had happened, I made him promise not to commit me. And I made him promise never to let anyone else commit me because I genuinely thought that people were gonna think I was crazy and try to lock me up.

But here we’re okay. I’m just gonna tell you about two years ago, almost to the day, I had what I can only describe as an unexpect spiritual enlightenment. I won’t go into details about that because would be an entire video or two on its own. And if you’re curious, let me know. Maybe I will share it with you, was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. And there are not words to adequately describe it because language absolutely fails to explain that kind of energy and sort of interdimensional connection was mind blowing.

Quite literally, I was actually afraid that I was dying. I was very afraid that I was dying. Because I thought there is no way people experience this kind of connection and understanding to all that is if they’re just gonna continue on with their life. This is why I ended up telling my husband about it. I was genuinely afraid I was going to die that night.

Part of the understanding and the communication I received that night was I was supposed to share what I was understanding people and not in a small way, like in this kind of way. And I felt incredibly uncomfortable about that. And I understand now that’s because I was so highly masked that I, a, didn’t even know I was masking. And the truly deeply tear the idea of anyone seeing something that was so genuinely, but I did feel the compulsion, the message very strongly.

And so I created this account. That’s why the name is Meta Mama, because I was going to come on here and share all of these incredible big things, big understandings, these meta thoughts, right? Not meta like the company or meta like the gaming system, meta like the universe.

But I chickened out because I wasn’t ready. So instead I started following Elise Myers and I discovered lesbian TikTok. And I felt on this incredible TikTok whole and I met all of you and developed this and I just kind of let myself off the hook for the sharing. I thought maybe that part wasn’t as important as I thought.

Since that day, I have been incredibly grateful to receive on a regular basis channeling connections, downloads, however you wanna put it, direct communication with what I call source the energy, all that is. I started recording these and I understand now that these are the things I meant to share with you. And I’m going to start a series amidst all my other regular con where I share some of these incredible messages and understanding with you, because there is no need to gatekeep it.

And it was never about gatekeeping. It was about fear of what? But I’ve realized that at all. I’ve reached a very new level of myself in so many ways, and I’m not afraid now. I’m actually really excited. So if you want to follow along for that part, I’m gonna put all of these videos in a playlist. They’re gonna be different from my other videos. They’re not gonna look the same. I’m just going to deliver these messages so that you can receive them and do what you will with them. It feels like an honor to share this, so thank you for being.