The Shredded Player: A Tale of Bullseyes, Renegades, and Fortresses

Yes. Player with money. The player was shred.

Bullseye. A player was eliminated. Player with shredded. Explosions have been planted.

Oh, that’s Leslie. Fortress Gates. Bullseye. Who is Muzaku? Gitu ya sebelum sebelum periode waktu itu. Option.

Bullseye Renegade has switched to your team. A player was eliminated. The wagon is stopped.

Got to start.

Such good lottery in here.

Bull’s eye. A player was shredded. Look out, someone took a sniper spot. A player was punished. Bullseye. A player was shredded.

A player was eliminated. Bullseye.

A player was punished. A player with shredded.

The player was eliminated.

Player was punished.

But I should special time with the.

A player was punished. Let’s go. Let’s move. Bullseye. A player was shredded.

But at Eliza.

A player was eliminated.

Churchill, Eliza pupa.

Player was shredded. A player would punish.

Wah. Siap siap ya kita mistery toba.

Next time.

Okay, Christmas is a popular way. Someone.

Took a sniper spot for sharks today. Player wag, ready? Stop. The path is block. Another point. Capture.

Move on to the next point.

Pues a gusto pasado a buscar pasado vuestra protección. Los años.

Después estudió por sumar. Fortress is under our control. Let’s move on to the next point. Let’s go the wagon is moving.

One is natural, full time. Wah. Allahnya sok jago Thailand.

A player was eliminated.

No one knows that. You prefer.

Player regretted that another point captured, a player was punished, another point captured, a player was eliminated, another point captured. Full size. The dragon is shot. The player was punished. The path is blocked through. The path is blocked.