The Ultimate Controller Showdown: Gamester G7SE Reigns Supreme for MLB The Show 20 on Xbox

Today, we’ll be showing you guys why we believe the game sir G7SE is the best controller, especially for moe the Show 20 for on Xbox.

Because in today’s video, we’re gonna be testing and showing you guys results. Every controller that we own, starting with the Dual Sync Edge, because I think this is the best controller for PlayStation users, but it doesn’t even compare to the Gameser G7 SE for Xbox. And this is primarily why the Xbox is better. They have a better network and the controllers are a little bit better, testing the margin of air on this controller as well as the actual pulling rate.

Now on PC, the polling rate will be higher on the dual sense because you get up to 1,000 hertz of polling rate on the PC. Technically you could overclock it to 8,000, but there’s no significant performance difference. It going to 8,000. And on PlayStation 5, it’ll be locked at around two fifth. So to test the actual margin of air. So this means how accurate are your movements with the joystick. So when we go all the way to the left and all the way to the right, you see it has an average of around 8.4,8.7% when we do it with the right stick, probably around closer to the same results. Obviously, this controller is not brand new, but 9.5%.

Honestly, that’s not too bad for a dual sense edge. I’ve actually seen worse results. As you’ll see right here, the polling rate is around 900, close to the thousand hertz Mark. And the stability is around 91%. So it’s staying around that 900 to 1,000 hertz, which is what we want to see. If I go through this, the app actually closes. I don’t get to see the final results, unfortunately. If there’s any other software that you guys can recommend for PlayStation controllers, let me know in the comment.

Now we’re gonna be testing the standard dual sense controller for PlayStation 5. Just so you can see the difference from the dual sense edge and a standard dual sense. And when we do the test right here, average margin of air around 12%. We can do it again just to be sure it’s around 9%. Note 11%,12%,14%, do a few more times, 15%. Yeah, so that one’s not too good. Now, the right stick might be a little bit better. So 8.5%,8.6. So the right stick is actually better. Obviously, from time of playing the game, the stick gets a lot worse. What’s really crazy about this is the controller that I use, I’ve used for a year, and the numbers you’re gonna see on it are going to amaze you.

Now what’s crazy about this controller is it says it’s 500 hertz, but the report rate we’re getting is 255 hertz. That’s gonna be your standard report rate for a PS five controller on PlayStation 5, but it’s not even getting the 500 that it set now is back to 250.

Very interesting with this controller of how it’s acting in the software. Could just be the software, but 250 hertz is what you’re getting from this controller. And at least we know it’s stable at 250 hertz, which is a very good, right? And when we test this, the margin of air on this one is around 11,12%. And that is pretty accurate. Concerning about two or three months, I got stick drift after using this controller. So that margin of error does not surprise prize me at all, 13.8% on the right stick. And when it comes to the pollen rate, as you see, 177 hertz with an average of 5.68 millisecond response time, not the greatest at all, not even performing at the 250 hertz at the PlayStation regular dual sense and the dual Sense edge was before for me.

Now we move to these controllers. We have the G7SE, which was my first controller. I’d love. I’ve had this for a year. And then we have this new controller, the Gamester K lead that I just got where we testing the newer controller first, just cuz it’s more fresh out of the box and barely has any use on it.

So here is the game, Sir Kay Lee, go ahead and test this and watch your eyes be amazed. Average percent of air, a 0.4%, only around 0.4 or 1%. Obviously, we could just retest that just to make sure. Left stick, let’s go ahead and retest elastic left stick, 0.44. Right stick, we’re gonna go this way cuz more comfortable around 2.3,2.0,1.4,0.5, yeah, 0.5% margin of air. Obviously, if you move to six, weird, it’s not gonna be as accurate, but there you go. That’s a pretty good accurate. The more you do it, the more accurate it gets. Incredible, right? Compared to all the other controllers that we’ve seen so far, this is by far, as far as margin of air has been the best.

So now let’s test the input and see if we get a similar result. Well, polling rate 1,026 and an average of 0.97 millisecond response time, that’s pretty fast. So even if it doesn’t get the full 1,000 on console, that average millisecond of a response time is going to be a lot lower compared to the other controllers. Cuz even at 250, we’re seeing 5 millisecond response time. I don’t think we’ll be seeing 5 millisecond response time with these two controller.

Now let’s go to my baby, the game, sir G7SE. Now this controller has absolutely been through it. You can even see how dirty the triggers are. I’ve had this controller for a year. I bought it in last June. Let’s go ahead and test this controller and see if there’s any crazy stick drift or crazy dead spots with the joystick. All right, first test right here. Guess what, 0.4 a year of use and we’re still getting 0.4 average air percentage on these sticks. Absolutely insane. And that’s why I love this.

Now let’s go ahead and test that input for this controller as well. And the polling rate, pulling rate, 9,79 with an average of 1.02 millisecond. Now the other controller seems a little bit faster is a newer controller. They probably got a little bit things better in it and it’s more like responsive and more up to date. But even this controller 979 and obviously we could test again and see if we can get higher. I will test this one twice just to see if we can get close to the same result this time, 1,026 with a 0.97 average response time. So definitely very similar to the game circuit. A lead is a G7 SE from Gamester.

So at the end, we tried the PlayStation Dual Sense controller. That’s a fit. That’s a 70 dollar controller. We said the, we tried the Dual Sense Edge as a 200 dollar controller. We tried the power a controller which is round of 40 or 50 dollar controller. And then we tried the game sir G7SE, which is around 40 dollar controller, and the game shirt Klee, which is around a 50 dollar controller. And it seems like the control controllers with the less price came out on top with performance, especially for mob, the show joystick performance, pulling rate performance. I think they got the W on both of those, especially on console. I would love to try out more controllers if I had them, but those are the ones that I saw that people be using the most, whether you’re on PlayStation, whether you’re on Xbox box, obviously Dual Sense Edge wins on PlayStation and Gamester wins on Xbox. In my opinion, especially the price point, there might be something higher up in the price point that might get these same results. But for the price point, you cannot eat it. And hopefully that helps you out. You guys got a visual test of what I tested earlier before I bought the controller over a year ago. But anyways, hopefully you guys enjoy this video. Be sure to like follow, share and favorite the video. If you did, leave a comment down below if you guys have any questions. And I’ll see you guys in the next one.