Pregnancy Prediction: Embracing the Positive Test and Manifesting Success

Seeing a positive pregnancy test, you guys? I’m seeing a positive pregnancy test and it’s definitely two pink lines. So it may be a first response test or test that is similar or like comfortable to that. Maybe it’s like an online cheapy, but I’m seeing a positive earnings to test. And it feels like it came out super light and then the more you look at it, it’s like getting darker and darker. So I feel like it’s definitely a test. It’s testing early or testing early. And I feel like it’s the test is just like getting darker as you look at it. And like I can feel the disbelief. I can feel that it’s like excitement, disbelief, like, is this real? Is this happening? I can feel that this is an amazing energy that I’m tapping into right now. I wanna learn more about who this is for and I wanna see more about this baby, more about this pregnancy. Name is Jacqueline.

I am a professional facility psychic and card reader, and I help women all over the world predict and manifest there pregnancies. So if you want to work with me 1 on one headset link in my bio, I would love to connect with you and help you to predict and manife test your pregnancy. But in the meantime, I wanna see more about this positive pregnancy test I’m seeing.

It’s now. It’s now. It’s now. I literally wanna say it’s within the next three days. And I’m saying like, I’m seeing there’s so much 3 energy here. So it’s like within three hours to three days, like this is now happening. This is a pregnancy test that’s positive right now. Within the next 3 days, you will see your positive pranks test. Definitely connecting here with a little girl. I’m connecting. Okay, cards just fell everywhere. I’m connecting with a little girl and I’m definitely connecting with someone who says anxiety on the regular. And I feel like I’m connecting with someone who experiences social anxiety and really prefers to, is maybe you’re like, I’m connecting with someone who’s like a bit more reclusive, someone that likes to be at home and likes to replenish their energy at home. Really definitely connecting with social anxiety here.

And I feel like I’m connecting with someone who’s been working on that, who’s been like trying to network more and connect more, but still a bit reclusive, which I totally get. I totally understand that.

And I feel like I’m connecting with someone who’s been working on the fertility, but it feels like there may have been a concern about the fertility on the male side of things, but I do see it doesn’t even matter because the pregnancy is here and now. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, that positive pregnancy test coming up again. And I feel like I’m connecting with someone who’s gonna have three children in this lifetime. So you may have other children or, you know, there will be other children preceding this one and you have doubts.

Like I said, I was connecting with, you know, perhaps doubting the males fertility. And I know that you have anxiety to begin with. So, you know, there’s, I’m connecting with doubts here, you know, just really feeling maybe even unsupported to a degree on this journey.

But you guys, your time is here. Success is here. I’m seeing what looks like, yeah, whatever happened, the fertility for the male like skyrocketed. It just like totally changed. So I’m seeing like, yeah, it just looks like everything really worked out perfectly and success is here. Your little girl is here. It’s like wishes being granted. Success, everything you could ever want to happen for this conception to take place is happening. It’s happening. It’s here. So if you’re in the two week wait, forget about it. If you’re resonating with this, forget about it.

And I’m connecting with someone that, this is very specific. I’m connecting with someone that wears their sunglasses on their head all the time. So this could be for you or your partner connecting with someone who wears their sunglasses on their head all the time. Like even when it’s like it’s not even sunny or maybe you’re at home like just wearing sunglasses on the head. I feel like this may be for the partner. Cuz I’m, this may be for the partner that I’m connecting and I’m seeing a truck. I feel like this, I’m connecting with someone who drives a truck, probably the partner.

But as far as a sign of this pregnancy, I am seeing, first of all, I’m seeing 10 and sevens and eights. I feel like those are gonna be specific numbers. I feel like you’re gonna see 10 on the clock. I’m seeing like 10:10 on the clock. Specifically also connecting here with the white dove is gonna show that you’re pregnant now, that you have in fact conceived. How this resonates with you guys. I love you guys. It’s like my bio. If you wanna connect with me for personal reading. And congratulations because your time is here.