Drugstore Makeup Favorites for Textured Skin: A Comprehensive Guide

Phone makeup suddenly disappeared and I had to repurchase all drugstore makeup. This is what I would repurchase. These are all products that I love and the network for my acne on a textured skin, I already did a little bit of drugstore skin prep as well. I’m doing an in depth version of this video over on my YouTube if you wanna go check that L. But we’re gonna start off with a little primer.

This is the Elf Power Grip. That’s the nice cinematic version, right? For brows. I love this one for makeup revolution. And it’s like the right amount of waxiness and it’s really easy to shape and get like that fuller brow look. And then what’s cool about this one is it’s actually a 2 and 1. So it has the brow gel on the other side. You can see how it places the hairs really nicely because the actual gel brush is so teeny tiny, l’real and palable foundation has going back and forth on which one I want to use. But this one you can go lighter with, you can go heavier with, and it lasts a really long time. The brush is also drugstore. This real technique, sculpting brush. I like this brush cuz you can do your full face with that. It’s like a, let’s say like medium to buildable coverage concealer. We’re using the Makeup Revolution, IRL. This stuff actually, I feel like looks like a filter on the face. And I find it does increase easily to like it lasts really long time. So I really like it.

Contour slash bronzer guys, I couldn’t, oh, I couldn’t choose here because I want to give you guys some options. So if you’re looking for a like liquid, which you know, this type of applicator is very popular nowadays. The Melanie is so good. I prefer these over the elf ones. I just like the undertone a bit more. And I just find the formula is a bit more pigmented than. A recent more favorite has been this Essence Baby Got Bronze stick. This is more of a bronzer then a contour and cream blush. This is so underrated. I don’t know how more people don’t talk about this. This is the makeup revolution.

Dolly Rose. Look at the shade. First of all, it’s like the perfect pink. I could compare these to some of my high end formulas and I hear nobody talking about these blushes and they’re truly some of the best.

This powder, this is the best Elf Halo, low setting counter. If you have texture, especially, this is really good. They do have two different shades. They’re translucent and then this one, light pink, I’m using a little makeup puff from a makeup revolution. Again, trying to keep this more on the drugstore side for you guys. What I like to do is hot some of the powder in my hand like so. And then I go under the eye, really gives like that soft matt look like. As you can see, it doesn’t completely make everything matt and lifeless. Physicians formula for powder bronzer is just that girl. Do you guys remember Eco tools? So good. But this bronze are 1. Smells like vacation 2. It just applies so nicely. And especially if you have textured skin.

Blush, I have to go with Melanie Luminoso. Big blush. I just have to cuz I remember I did like a swatch video on YouTube way back when and I still have all the old packaging. This is the new packaging, but the shade is still that good. If you’re looking for a more luminous, lush, and I feel like this way, you don’t need a highlighter eyeshadow for me. No one can do eyeshadow like Melanie at the drugstore.

I have the biggest soft spot for Melanie ever. Gonna do like a soft matt look today, but I feel like that’s what’s kind of been trending anyways. Mascara l’real always comes in with the best mascaras. This is the telescopic. I also really have been liking the panorama lately.

Moving on to lips. I just feel like with lip products, you can never have enough. So I have quite a few favorites. Lip liner, you can never go wrong with a classic Rimmel lip liner, the pencil ones or Melanie pencil lip liners. These are the best, in my opinion.

Liquid lipsticks, Melanie and Nicks take the cake for me. These Nicks shine loud. Magic makers are the best. I’ve tried some of their other ones as well, but they just don’t hit the same as these ones. And I’ll show you. They’re like a liquid, but they’re not heavy. Like they’re a very sheer liquid. And then if you’re looking for a classic lipstick, Maybelline, Melanie, you can’t go wrong. These Melanie ones are some of the best. These like studded ones. This is in the shade. Pleasure with that. And I’m a for a gloss or a lip oil. And recently, these elf ones have really come in for me as a top favorite. This one is in the shade, honeytalks. Such a good shade, the perfect nude cuz you can apply it over so many different colors. It has a little bit of that mintiness to it, really shiny and actually lasts a fair amount of time for a lefoil.

I have two favorite drugstore setting sprays for the affordable side, Melanie and Elf. If you’re willing to spend more money at the drugstore, the l’real infallible is really good as well. The Mister is so good on this. True. You cannot tell me that this makeup doesn’t look amazing. And it’s all drugstore, full face of drugstore makeup. And it looks so good, even on my textured skin. Let me show you guys what this looks like in different lighting. Here is it away from the ring light. Here’s some natural lighting. And here is some bathroom lighting. And it’s still slice. I’m obsessed in love about your skin today. Go check out the full version of this video on YouTube. And while you’re at it, checking my podcast, Loud Talk with Lavie. I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what some of your drugs, your favorites are in the comments. Love you. Bye.