Unveiling Past Life Karma: Transforming Your Financial Future Through Intuitive Insights and Charity

I am literally in the middle of a storm. And then I thought maybe you are in this storm of a financial crisis right now as a medium that has hundreds of thousands of followers, as well as having read over 10,000 clients, I want you to know I’ve Learned a little something from the spiritual realm about money. And I’m gonna share with you how our past life can actually impact the current life that we’re in.

With a little bit of a story time, since I have nowhere else that I can actually go. So one of my clients came to me about how he could not get money flowing in his life. It’s like no matter what he did, he was like financially blocked on every single aspect. So I went into a very deep transmediship channel to be able to understand his past life. And the story that came through is quite exceptional. I have two ways to be able to do past life regression. One is actually using my intuitive abilities with medium ship and channeling. And the second is through qhhht or past life hypno therapy. So those are the two options.

But in this story, I actually did mediumship and channeling. And what came up was that a long time ago, he had been the best friend to an emperor of Mongolia. Okay, so this story is going back, back when they had emperors in Mongolia, back when Mongolia was a thing and he was best friends and just this emperor was so charitable. He shared everything. He was really good to the people. But my client was envious. He was jealous. He wanted everything that emperor had. So he ended up unalising the emperor, stealing his treasure, his fortune and taking his number one love of his life, the wife, the Empress, as his own. So I connected to the Emperor using medium ship, asking if that past life was impacting his current life of never being able to have enough money. And what I Learned is that indeed that there was this karmick life that he had to pay in order to balance the scales of his past life. So I know a lot of us are like, listen, it’s a past life. I don’t believe in any of this as okay, you don’t have to believe. For you who are interested, keep listening cuz this is interesting and this is how we can overcome past life karmic like contracts that we have in this life.

Okay, so while the emperor said that he didn’t feel like stepping out of the energy of revenge, he did say that there was one way that he could transform his energetics with money. So it’s interesting, charity being charitable. So when I started working with this client, I heard that he needed to pivot to focusing on having a more charitable approach to building a business that would succeed. So think Patagonia, with its chair charitable component of being environmentally friendly and sustainable for the earth. Or think about Tom’s Shoes, which has a one for one model, which is for every pair of shoes that they sell, they give a compare to someone in need. So I suggested this to him, and I tell you, he got into doing charitable work and literally transformed his entire financial life. But it had to be connected to a charitable component. So if you’re interested in wanting to understand how to transform your life using intuition, I have a brand new Intuitive Wealth Boot Camp that’s available right now. It’s self pace. And I will teach you how to channel, how to bring this information in on your own, how to use human design, and how to use intuition to build greater abundance into your life. So if you’re interested, check it out. The link is in my bio. I’ll see you my very next video. And hopefully I’m not here for very long cuz this storms intense.