Unboxing Goodies from Plaza Singh Adu: A Festive Outside Event Experience

Hi guys. Okay, I am at Plaza Singh Adu. So I’m heading to outside. There’s a outside event thing. So let’s go. What’s with my hands? Are there like that? Okay, I got this whole box of goodies from outside. Later I unbox. Okay, I show you guys. I wish I could a little bit get honey. I’m praying in my room. Sounds good.

The ambience, ambiance. Look, it’s like, oh, God, in the car now. And we are going to unbox this from outside. Thank you. Outside. So let’s open this old bud. Stop. What I got? What’s up? What I got? What’s up? Very anaesthetic, eh? But oh my God. Let’s see what’s inside. Okay, so we have keep odds. Weird. Oh my God. It’s a cab. It’s an outside cab. It’s so cute. Hello. Welcome to outside. What? Can I get you into it? The. Cosas pequeñas. Pequeñas main qué oh my God is it stick why go it is a. แหมเราจะซื้อแล้ว. อุ้ยวัดหนึ่งเสด็จเล่าสําหรับเดิมเนี่ยเก่งโอ้มายก่อนไอซ์เรทดีเซลสเปนแอนด์บีซีเซตนี้บลันด์บีสท์โอ้ย. สปปโรคเกรดติ่ง. ระบบเราเกะแล้วปุ๊บ. Laki laki. You can pass on you re the force one q. We have this like card game. We have a game this semoga covid KOTKQ tokan entai berikut. Mbak ida explain tumiho the situationship schoon es real relationship we think we need to chat iseng. Beijing is very tricky pasta kenyal.

The moka andi kemal kemal maka kiado bagi ebi apa quote original i love you say never give coklat alhamdulillah akhirnya qq covid original coffee mocca and caramel makian co x. Di.

The thing anyways, guys, we are having a, not willa outside is having an offer, one whole carton of their newest flavors going for $24 from today all the way till 23rd of June, which is Sunday. So make your purchases now. And also the original flavor. So these three flavors, they have offers right now. Cuz if not, it will go back to original price already, which I don’t want to tell you cuz you all go and figure out yourself. I know. My God, my voice very law. Go and buy. Go and buy.

Going to taste the caramel makiaro and a mocha for you guys to shake. Going to try the caramel makiaro first. Okay. It smells like salted caramel. Okay, let’s try this one right here. Ki tidak ya itu maki ya. Sorry. This is charming machiato islam. The smell is of putting on year smell of putting the. Love live. The is nice sidon drink coffee so we can not trust her because she coffee i muka next the max QQ hd smooth battery care of life so good oke abis di muka. Thx penting soal snmptn bismillahirohmanirohim.

Kick the after, this is a very much for me is the home stay coba is the home i live the machiato over muka home because its so pick iq on something i think you we w better i prefer ones i prefer coklat.

Quote original one step away liven guys go and get your hands on. Yes, because we’re having a sale now all the way up till Sunday on the 20 third of june. If not, it goes back to original price. Even so, if it goes back to original price, you don’t need to try. Okay, so go and try. Thank your earth side for all of this. And the cap that has been stolen. Okay, it’s over there. Thank you. Bye.